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  1. Ante
  2. Umbra umbrae f.
  3. Cupio cupere cupii cupivi cupitus
  4. Utinam
  5. Ingenium ingenii n.
  1. a Shadow shade
  2. b Before earlier preivously
  3. c Introduces subjunctive
  4. d Ability talent disposistion
  5. e Desire long for want

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  1. Fortuna fortunae f.
  2. Also even still
  3. Conquer overcome win
  4. but
  5. Not only...but also

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  1. Differo differre distuli dilatuscarry in different directions, scatter postpone differ


  2. Fugio fugere fugi fugiturusFlee


  3. Vox vocis f.Certainly indeed but infact


  4. Ambush, plot, treacheryReal true


  5. Civitas civitatis f.Manliness courage excellence virtue


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