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  1. Cupio cupere cupii cupivi cupitus
  2. Vinco vincere vici victus
  3. Abundance, troops, forces in pl.
  4. Utinam
  5. post
  1. a Conquer overcome win
  2. b Desire long for want
  3. c Copia copiae f.
  4. d afterward late behind
  5. e Introduces subjunctive

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  1. Not only...but also
  2. Only
  3. Ask seek attack
  4. Skill art guile trick
  5. Also even still

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  1. Terreo terrere terrui territusHand over, surrender, hand down


  2. Maneo manere mansi mansurusRemain stay await


  3. Pars partis ium f.Part


  4. Civitas civitatis f.Manliness courage excellence virtue


  5. Ambush, plot, treacheryReal true


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