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for test on monday

presidential succession

the order in which officials fill the office of President in case of a vaccancy


member of a party chosen in each state to formally elect the President and Vice President

electoral vote

the official vote for president and vice president by electors in each state

political parties

group of individuals with broad common interests who organize to nominate candidates for office, win elections, conduct gov't, and determine public policy


secretaries of the executive departments, the vice president, and other top officials that help the president make decisions and policy

national security adviser

director of the National Security council staff

press secretary

one of the president's top assistants who is in charge of media relations


a formal order given by a higher authority


medium for decision

executive order

a rule issued by the President that has the force of law


the President's refusal to spend money Congress voted to fund a program


the postponement of legal punishment


a release from legal punishment


a group pardon to individuals that offense against the government


formal agreement between the governments of 2 or more countries

executive agreement

an agreement made between the President and a head of state



executive privilege

the right of the President and other highranking executive officers to refuse to testify before Congress or a court


oversee nations legal affairs


gathers information about what is going on in other countries evaluates it, and passes it on to the President and other foreign policy decision makers

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