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Circulation / Migration: Circulation is short-term repeated movements of people, whereas migration is a permanent relocation of someone's home. EX: Circulation is like going to work each day, then coming home for dinner. Migration is like moving to a new home in a different country and never going back.

Forced / Voluntary migration: Forced is caused by an external authority pushing someone out of an area / home. Voluntary is when the migrant has the choice to stay or not. EX: Forced could be the Atlantic Slave trade, which forced over 12 million Africans to leave their homes and become slaves. Voluntary could be the Europeans moving to America.

Immigrants / Emigrants: Immigrants are people who are entering a region, whereas emigrants are people who are leaving a region. EX: An immigrant would be a citizen of Mexico crossing the border into America. An emigrant would be citizens of Mexico leaving Mexico.

Push / Pull factors: Push factors are the reasons people want to migrate out of a region, while pull factors the reasons people want to migrate into a region. EX: Push factors could include environmental problems, while pull factors could include more job availability.

International / Internal migration: International migration is when someone moves from one country to another, while internal migration is when someone moves from one part of a country to another area in the same country. EX: Mexicans crossing the border into the U.S would be international migration, while a person moving from Seattle to San Diego would be internal migration.