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what the three branches of government are who is in each branch?
*judical: supreme court
* executive: president
*legislative: congress house of reps
what is enumerated powers, revered powers, and concurrent powers?
Enumerated: are those powers given to the national government exclusively in the constitution
Reserved: are those intended for the states exclusively
Conserved: are shared government by both nations and state governments
what way does the excuative branch check bills written by congress?
veto bills and pass them
what way does the executive branch check the judicial branch?
appoints judges to fill vacancies. president can grant reprieves and pardons
when the judicial interprets a law and declares it unconstitutional, what branch are they checking?
when the judicial branch rule a presidential action unconstitutional, what branch are they checking?
what two groups make up the legislative branch?
congress / house of reps
when appointments to the supreme court are refused, who is the legislative branch checking?
when the legislative branch creates lower courts, what branch are the checking ?
judicial branch
what year was the Georgia constitution originally adopted?
how many main ARTICLE are found in the georgia constitution?
how many times has the georgia constitution been ADOPTED?
wha year was the US constitution WRITTEN?
what year was the US constitution last AMENED?
how many AMENDMENTS are found in the US constitution?
What type of democracy do we have here in the US?