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What did the 1828 presidential election demonstrate?:
that the new political parties were strongly sectional in their sources of strength.
The Second Bank of the United States performed all of the following functions EXCEPT?:
shifting funds from the West and South to the Northeast.
The debate between Webster and Hayne in 1830 concerned?:
the nullification of federal laws
Andrew Jackson's Specie Circular sought to?:
slow down speculation in public land.
All of the following statements concerning equality in Jacksonian America are true EXCEPT?:
because political leaders had to appeal to an expanded electorate, campaigns became less boisterous and more focused on specific policy issues.
As a result of Jackson's bank policies?:
sales of public land rose tremendously.
banks printed new banknotes with abandon.
the nation entered a period of speculative mania.
The chief weapon used by Andrew Jackson in his dispute with the National Bank was?
to deposit government money in state banks.
what was the opinion of Andrew Jackson, and probably most of his contemporaries, regarding the spoils system?
the frequent rotation of officeholders had a beneficial effect on the government.
The political purpose for proposing the Tariff of 1828 was to?
discredit the administration of President John Quincy Adams.
The Whig Party turned against President John Tyler because?
he opposed the entire Whig legislative program.
Jacksonian Democrats favored all of the following EXCEPT?
the caucus system of nominating candidates
Which of the following describes the policy adopted during the 1820s and 1830s as a permanent solution to the Native American problem?
the removal of Native Americans to lands west of the Mississippi.
Andrew Jackson's view of the presidency emphasized?
leadership by the executive branch in the interests of the people.
John C. Calhoun advocated nullification of a federal law in 1828, and again in 1832 to?
avoid secession.
of the following reflect the views of Americans expressed by Alexis de Tocqueville and other early 19c European visitors EXCEPT?
Americans exhibited a strong sense of social deference.
In the early 19c, which section of the country tended to oppose tariffs?
the South.
Andrew Jackson's remark, John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it, refers to the president's intention to?
move the Cherokees west of the Mississippi River regardless of Supreme Court rulings.
The major issue in Jackson's campaign for re-election in 1832 was the?
Second Bank of the United States.
In the 1830s and 1840s, the primary difference between Whigs and the Democrats was that?:
the Whigs favored an expanded, activist federal government while the Democrats favored a limited non-interventionist federal government.
In the case of Worcester v. Georgia, the Supreme Court?:
ruled that the Cherokees had "an unquestionable right" to their lands.