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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn characters for TEST in American Literature.

George Jackson

Huck's alias while with the Grangerfords.

Judge Thatcher

Keeper of Huck's money from the treasure he found with Tom. Eventually "buys" the $6000 for $1 from Huck (to keep Huck's Pap from getting it).


Huck's drunken, often absent, father who's found shot to death in the "floating house of death".

Huck Finn

The main character who is searching to discover who he is (identity) in the world as well as uncover his own beliefs about slavery and racism.

Tom Sawyer

Best friend of Huck - also helps in the "rescue" of Jim. Represents the "civilized" and educated society to Huck.


Slave who runs away rather than be sold for $800. Wants to reunite his family and be free.

Dauphin (the King)

Poses as Parson Wilks to swindle a family out of their inheritance. A life-long con man.


Partners with the King to swindle the Wilks family. Poses as William - a mute.

Doctor Robinson

The only one at the Wilks' town who sees through the Duke and the King. He knows they are frauds.

Mary Jane Wilks

Considered by Huck to be the epitome of a gentlewoman. He confesses to her that her family is losing a fortune to the King and the Duke.

Sophia Grangerford

The daughter, compared to Juliet, who elopes with the son of her family's mortal enemy.

Harney Shepherdson

The son, compared to Romeo, who elopes with the daughter of his family's mortal enemy.

Emmeline Grangerford

The dead daughter who had an unnatural fascination with morbid poetry and art.

Buck Grangerford

Huck's friend who ends up shot to death because of a feud no one remembers the start of.

Colonel Sherburn

He kills a man in cold blood for insulting him, then stands up to a lynching mob causing them to back down.

Colonel Grangerford

Considered by Huck to be a refined gentleman with a wonderful house; his whole family is embroiled in a feud and his daughter's elopement causes a fight that ends in death for most of his family (and theirs).

Aunt Sally

Tom Sawyer's real relative. She's teased to the point of counting spoons and sheets.

Uncle Silas

Tom Sawyer's real relative. He is surprised by how fast his horse is when Huck brings her home quicker than expected.

Mrs. Judith Loftus

She doesn't think he makes a very good girl.

Miss Watson

Not a relative of Huck, though he lives there. She is strictly about the rules and her version of heaven makes Huck hope to go the other way after his own death.

Widow Douglas

Not a relative of Huck, though he lives there. She is warm and caring and tries to bring Huck into a more "civilized" life.


A drunken man who yells in the middle of town about being swindled by another man. It's the death of him.

Reverend Collins

On his way to catch a steamboat, he gives the King and the Duke ammunition for their biggest con.

Aunt Polly

Tom Sawyer's mom who shows up at the end of the book to help straighten out the whole rescue and switched identity mess.

Peter Wilks

The man who died, leaving his money to two brothers from England. They are supposed to take care of his 3 daughters.

Sarah Mary Williams

Huck's first attempt at assuming another identity. He does it to find out information and because he's bored staying on the raft.

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