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the ability to move from one location to another


a permanent move to a new location is

is less than

a country has net in-migration if emigration _______ immigration


refugees migrate primarily because of which type of push factor?

Palestinian and afghan

according to the U.S. comittee for refugees, the two largest groups of international refugees are

sudan and colombia

according to the U.S. comitte for refugees, the two largest groups of internal refugees are in


which factor usually induces voluntary migration?


people are forced to migrate primarily because of which factor?

promote more efficient agriculture

the purpose of the enclosure movement in England was to

forced consolidation of farms

millions of europeans were forced to emigrate from their farms because of

north and west

most migrants to the U.S. during the peak of the 1840's and 1850's came from which part of europe?

north and west

most migrants to the US during the peak of the late nineteenth century came from which part of europe?

north and east

most migrants to the US during the early twentieth century came from which part of europe?


most migrants to the US during the late 1970s and early 1980s came from

during the 1880s and 1890s

norwegians were mostly likely to immigrate to the US

imposition of quota laws

migration to the US declines during the 1920s primarily because of

admit migrants mostly from europe

the main impact of the 1920 quota laws on the national origin of immigrants to the US was to

permitted to become legal residents

according to the 1986 immigration reform and control act, undocumented immigrants were

higher natural increase rates

migration to the US increased from europe after 1800 in part because of

too many people compared to resources

geographers define overpopulation as

people per area suitable for agriculture

physiological density is the number of

low agricultural density

a country with a large amount of arable land and a small number of farmers will have a

a small percentage of land suitable for agriculture

if the physiological density is much larger than the arithmetic density, then a country has

1.2 percent

the annual increase rate is currently aproximately

stage 3

the lowest crude birth rates are found in

stage 1

the highest crude death rates are found in

dependency rate

the percentage of people who are too young or too old to work in a society is the


the frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of the group of people is a

relocation diffusion

folk cultures are spread primarily by

depends on modern communication systems

rapid diffusion of popular culture


the most important house style in the US since the 1960s is known as


in which state would alcohol consumption be relatively low

language branch

a group of languages that share a common origin but have since evolved into individual languages is a

language family

a group of languages that share a common ancestor before recorded history is a


the seond-largest language family is

possible prehistoric superfamilies

when languages are depicted as leaves on trees, the roots of the trees below the surface represent

language families

when languages are depicted as leaves on trees, the trunks represent

the diffusion of english colonies

english is the most important language in north america primarily because of


the first speakers of the language that evolved into english were tribes that lived in present-day

west germanic

english is part of which language group


english is part of which language branch


english is part of which language family

east germanic

which group of the germanic family is extinct


the four most frequently spoken branches of indo-european include all but


the flemings and walloons live in what country?

language branches

the flemings and walloons speak languages belonging to different


urdu is the most important language in


russian is part of what language branch?


these were horse and cattle herders from the grass lands steppes of present day russia and kazakhstan


the second most widely spoken language family in europe is


a boundary between language regions

small-scale maps

distortion is especially severe on

remote sensing

the acquisition of data about earth's surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or from another long-distance method is


a computer system that stored, organizes, retrieves, analyzes and displays geographic data is

spatial association

the concept that the distribuition of one phenomenon is scientifically related to the location of other phenomena is


an area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics is a

formal region

the division of the US into nine regions by the census bureau is an example of a


the spread of something over a given study area is


the spatial distribuition created by the US land ordinance of 1785 is an example of


economic development through international trade is an example of what type of diffusion?

maintaining local traditions

elements of globalization of culture include all but

improvements in electronic communications

the global movement of money ahs been enhanced primarily by

the physical environment causes social development

according to environmental determinism


a pieces of land created by draining water from an area


the dominant branch of islam is


adherents of which religion controlled much of present-day spain until 1492, but not since then?

UN administration

the UNs partition plan dividing palestine placed jerusalem under

the six-day war

israel has controlled all of jerusalem since


which religion os not one of the three most important in lebanon?

south america

most africans shipped as slaves were sent to

changes in the boundaries of states

after WWII ended, millions of people were forced to migrate due to


alabama's religion is

roman catholic

arizona's religion is


minnesota's religion is

scots, irish, welsh, english

the UK includes several prominent ethnic groups to form a British nationality

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