Crucible: Act 4

How much time elapses between the end of Act 3 and the begining of Act 4?
3 months
What events precede the sudden disappearance of Abigail and Mercy?
They steal Reverend Parris' money, leaving him penniless
Why are Reverand Hale and Parris urging Danforth to postpone the trials?
There will be a riot if the most respectable people are hung
How does Elizabeth Proctor react to Hale and Danforth's offer? Why do you this she feels as she does?
She thinks that Hale is part of the court and doesn't want John to live. Also she feels that that would be untruthful and a sin.
Why is Elizabeth brought to see John?
To attempt to make him wrongfully confess
How has Proctor changed from Act 3?
He is very loving towards Elizabeth and lost his fighting spirit
What motivated Giles to die without confessing? How does his decision compare with John Proctor's decisions thus far?
Giles wanted to have his children to inherit his land, but if he would confess then they would lose it
What is John's objection to being hanged?
Doesn't want his name to be ruined
What is Elizabeth's advice to her husband?
She will support whatever decision he makes