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  1. who-white mans burden
  2. where-westernization
  3. when-nation-states
  4. Why were nation-states important
  5. why was nationalism important
  1. a written by Rudyard Kipling, refers to the Europeans
  2. b 1800's
  3. c because the government was free, which was important because it allowed them to make their own decisions regarding their nation
  4. d Europe, Africa
  5. e it shoued ones loyalty to their nation, which was important because it allowed the nation to get stronger as a whole (land, $, power)

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  1. policy where one countryseeks to extend authority by conquering other countries, or establishing economic and political dominance over a country
  2. about Africa
  3. nationalism, westernization, social darwinism
  4. the stronger countries dominated the political, economic, and social life of the weaker countries, which was important because it allowed them to colonize in those smaller countries
  5. belief that people should be loyal to their nation

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  1. when-imperialism1800's-1900's


  2. where-nationalismeverywhere-europe, africa, egypt


  3. who-nation-statedifferent nations


  4. when-white mans burden1899


  5. what-white mans burden1899