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  1. what-economic dependence
  2. when-nationalism
  3. effects of imperialism
  4. who-nationalism
  5. who-white mans burden
  1. a when a countried economy depends on raw materials, weaker countries depend on the larger countries because they have less to work with
  2. b written by Rudyard Kipling, refers to the Europeans
  3. c 1800's
  4. d colonization, colonial economics, christianization
  5. e everyone

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  1. 1800's-1900's
  2. started by europe
  3. it allowed some countries to become more civilized which was important because if you were civilized, you were christianized
  4. industrialization, congress of vienna, individual rights/democracy
  5. initiating imperialism

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  1. what-nationalism1800's


  2. why was the white mans burden importantit showed that they wanted to take over weaker countries which was important because they would then westernize it, which was one of their goals too


  3. Why were nation-states importantit shoued ones loyalty to their nation, which was important because it allowed the nation to get stronger as a whole (land, $, power)


  4. when-social darwinism1800's -1900's


  5. where-imperialismEurope, Africa