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  1. where-nationalism
  2. when-nationalism
  3. what-nationalism
  4. why was imperialism important
  5. what-nation-state
  1. a the stronger countries dominated the political, economic, and social life of the weaker countries, which was important because it allowed them to colonize in those smaller countries
  2. b everywhere-europe, africa, egypt
  3. c when a nation had its own independent government, defends its territory and way of life
  4. d belief that people should be loyal to their nation
  5. e 1800's

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  1. 1800's-1900's
  2. initiating imperialism
  3. weaker country gets stronger, and the stronger country gets stronger, which was important because if the stronger country went away, the weaker country would be screwed
  4. romanticism, imperialism, nation-states were formed
  5. Europe, Africa, Egypt

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  1. when-economic dependence1800's-1900's


  2. where-white mans burdenabout Africa


  3. why was the white mans burden importantit showed that they wanted to take over weaker countries which was important because they would then westernize it, which was one of their goals too


  4. when-nation-states1800's


  5. what-social darwinismcharles darwin


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