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  1. Why was social darwinism important
  2. causes of imperialism
  3. who-social darwinism
  4. where-nation-states
  5. when-social darwinism
  1. a it showed that only the strongest would survive which was important because it influenced imperialism
  2. b charles darwin
  3. c Europe, Africa
  4. d nationalism, westernization, social darwinism
  5. e 1800's -1900's

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  1. 1800's-1900's
  2. missionaries that wanted to westernize peoples of the foreign land
  3. Europe, Africa
  4. 1800's
  5. colonization, colonial economics, christianization

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  1. when-imperialism1800's-1900's


  2. effects of nationalismcolonization, colonial economics, christianization


  3. who-imperialismstarted by europe


  4. when-nation-states1800's


  5. what-economic dependence1800's-1900's