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Vocabulary words for the 4th Grade Electricity Unit.


a material that electric current CANNOT flow through easily


a material that electric current CAN pass through easily

closed circuit

a closed path that allows energy or electricity to flow

open circuit

a broken path that does NOT allow energy or electricity to flow

series circuit

a circuit that has two or more objects on one electrical path

parallel circuit

a combination of circuits that have two or more paths for objects to have an electrical path

magnetic field

the space around a magnet where the force of the magnet can act

permanent magnet

a magnet that keeps or retains its magnetism after the energy source has been removed


wires wrapped around a metal object and connected to an energy source like a battery


the flow of electric charges

static electricity

An electric charge that stays on an object. Causes shocks.


to draw to itself, pull toward


to push apart of force away

Benjamin Franklin

Invented the lightning rod.
Discovered electricity.

Michael Faraday

invented dynamo and discovered the electromagnet

Thomas Edison

perfected the invention of the light bulb

dry cell

an electrical battery


an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit

thermal energy

Comes from the motion of tiny particles in matter. The faster the particles move, the warmer the matter can get. Examples are stoves and matches.

radiant energy

Electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves. Examples are visible light, x-rays, radio wave, and solar energy.

mechanical energy

Matter in motion. An example is an airplane soaring through the sky.

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