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  1. iyaz (hint R)
  2. lady gaga (hint A)
  3. the black eyed peas (hint IB)
  4. the black eyed peas (hint IGF)
  5. lady gaga (hint PF)
  1. a replay
  2. b i gotta feeling
  3. c poker face
  4. d imma be
  5. e alejandro

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  1. fireflies
  2. evacuate the dance floor
  3. OMG
  4. empire state of mind
  5. tik tok

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  1. drakeempire state of mind


  2. jason derulolivin on a prayer


  3. 3OH!3 featuring Ke$haOMG


  4. lady gaga (hint BR)bad romance


  5. the black eyed peas (hint MMH)i gotta feeling