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Art History Chapter 5

Questions from practice questions.
A good example of a buliding in the Ionic style is the
Temple of Athena Nike, Acroplis
A Dipylon vase would most likely be found in which of the following?
an Athenian cemetery of the Geometric period.
A standing nude figure of a young man is known in Greek art as which of the following?
Who was the politician most responsible for the re-building of the Athenian Acroplis in the 5th Century BCE?
Which of the following conclusions could be drawn regaurding the Athenians perception of themselves based on the Panathenaic Festival frieze from the Partheon?
had high opinions of their own worth
Who is usually given credit for the invention of the red-figure technique as seen in the amphora of "Achilles and Ajax playing the dice game"?
Andokides painter
The chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos stands fully armed. No one doubts this figure is a triumphant expression and refers to the Athenian victory over the Persians in 497 BC. What other warfare symbol accompanies the Athena Parthenos?
Nike on her hand
The earliest known example of the use of contrapposto is the sculpture know as the
Kritios Boy
How does the warrior sculpture, Riace Bronze, demonstrate natural motion in space?
arms freed from body
When compared to the Classical style, Greek Hellenistic art could be characterized as:
more realistic and emotional
How does the figure of the calf-bearer differ from earlier Greek statues as well as Egyptian and Near Easter statues?
Who was the director of the sculptural programs on the Parthenon?
Black-figure ceramics would most likely be found in conjunction with the art of which of the following periods?
Arcahic and Early Classical
Early Archaic monumental stone statues followed Egyptian style very closely. This stlye can be described as
rigidly frontal left foot slightly advanced
A female figure used as an architectural support was known as a
The Orientalizing period of art is so named beacuse of the exposure of early Greeks to the art of ______________and_______________
The Near East and Egypt
What event caused the Persians to withdraw from the Aegean in 478 BCE?
defeat of Persian Navy
Unlike their counterparts in the near East, Greek gods assumed human form. Which of the following is another characteristiv of the Greek gods?
They were immortals
Later Greeks calculated their chronology from this event and despite rivalries and differences; from then on all Greeks regaurded themselves as citizens of Hellas. Which of the following is that event?
First Greek Olympiad
Which structure from the Athenian Acroplis has four sides of very different character with each side resting on different ground levels?