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Social Studies Chapter 3 Study Guide The Age of Exploration

Harcourt Social Studies Chapter 3 Grade 5 Study Guide and Chapter Review
The use of scientific knowledge and tools to make or do something
A trip taken with the goal of exploring
A person who sets up and runs a business
An agreement between countries about peace, trade, or other matters
A sum of money or other payment given for a particular purpose
Any of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas during the early 1500s
To change for the better
Rebellion against the leader of one's group
The Seven Cities Of Gold
What was Coronado searching for
The Vikings led by Leif Erickson
What group of Europeans reached/explored North America about 500 years before Columbus (1000 A.D.)
Who gave Columbus the money for his expedition to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1492
Who sailed west instead of east to find a more direct water route to Asia
Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the leader of the first expedition to sail around the world
Hernando Cortez
What Spanish explorer conquered the Aztec empire in Mexico
Francisco Pizarro
What Spanish conquistador took control of the Inca Empire in Peru
Verranzano, Cartier, and Hudson
Who was searching for the Northwest Passage in North America
Henry Hudson
Who was set adrift at sea with his son and some of the crew in a small boat when the rest of his crew mutinied, occurred during his last voyage
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Who explored the land that connects the Americas and became the first European explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Who explored and claimed for Spain much of what is now the southwestern United States
Who did Henry Hudson explore for and claim much of what is now the state of New York and its surrounding areas
Juan Ponce de Leon
Who was the first European explorer to explore land that became part of the United States; explored and claimed for Spain what is now the state of Florida
Hernando de Soto
Who explored and claimed for Spain much of the southern half of what is now the United States
they had no maps that showed the world correctly and sailors also lacked the technology, the scientific knowledge and tools, needed for such a long trip
What problems kept Europeans from sailing to Asia
to make better ships, maps, and tools for navigation
What were the aims of Prince Henry´s school of navigation
he promised them great riches and new lands and also said that he would take Catholic beliefs to Asia
How did Columbus persuade the king and queen
he believed he had reached Asia but was in the Indies
How was Columbus mistaken about the lands he claimed for Spain
amazed about Chinese inventions, merchants were interested in the riches Marco Polo wrote about and they wanted to buy and then resell Asian goods such as silks and spices
Why did Europeans begin to look for a sea route to Asia
71 years after
Did Hudson's expedition take place before or after de Soto's
21 years after
How many years after Columbus reached San Salvador did Balboa see the Pacific
These and other developments made ocean exploration possible
How did trade and technology play an important role in the growth of exploration