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The Biology vocabulary words for the quiz on Friday, Jan. 17th. Btw: Good luck, Cypress JV & V Guys & Girls Basketball!

Mammary Gland

Gland in mammals that produces milk to nourish the young

Subcutaneous Fat

Layer of fat cells beneath the skin


Stomach chamber in cows & related animals in which newly swallowed plant food is stored & processed


Large, flat muscle at the bottom of the chest cavity that helps with breathing

Cerebral Cortex

Outer layer of the cerebrum of a mammal's brain; center of thinking & other complex behaviors


Egg-laying mammal (example: Platypus)


Mammal which bears live young that complete their development in an external pouch (example: Kangaroo)


Organ in placental mammals through which nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and wastes are exchanged between embryo & mother

Binocular Vision

Ability to merge visual images from both eyes, which provides depth perception & a 3-D view of the world


With few exceptions, small, nocturnal primate that has large eyes for seeing in the dark


Humanlike primate


Term used to refer to a long tail that can grasp branches


Member of a group of primates that includes apes & humans


Primate that walks upright, has opposable thumbs & possesses a large brain; only living members are humans


Term used to refer to 2-footed locomotion

Opposable Thumb

Thumb that enables grasping objects & using tools

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