Major Contributors of Perennialism

Thomas Aquinas
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Mortimer Jerome AdlerAmerican (1902-2001)Mortimer Jerome AdlerPhilosopher, Educator, and AuthorMortimer Jerome AdlerFriend of Robert Maynard Hutchins, helped found The Great Books.Mortimer Jerome AdlerHe strove to bring philosophy to the masses.Mortimer Jerome AdlerWrote the book "How to Read a Book".Stringfellow BarrAmerican (1897-1982)Scott Milross BuchananAmerican (1895-1968)Stringfellow Barr and Scott Milross BuchananImplemented "The New Program" and instituted The Great Books at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland in 1937.Mark Van DorenAmerican (1894-1972)Alexander MeiklejohnEnglish (1872-1964)Sir Richard Winn LivingstonBritish (1880-1960)