Ven Conmigo II Mandatos 5-2

55 terms by sradent

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levanta pesas

lift weights

no levantes pesas

don't lift weights

practica las artes marciales

practice karate

no practiques las artes marciales

don't practice karate

no remes

don't row



no te estires

don't stretch

ponte en forma

get into shape

no te pongas en forma

don't get into shape

deja de fumar

stop smoking

no seas flojo

don't be lazy

ten cuidado

be careful

no fumes mas

don't smoke anymore

no anadas sal

don't add salt



no dediques

don't dedicate



no te entrenes

don't train



no evites

don't avoid

haz regimen

be on a diet

no hagas regimen

don't be on a diet

mantente en forma

keep in shape

no te mantengas en forma

don't keep in shape



no te relajes

don't relax

respira profundamente

breath deeply

no respires profundamente

don't breath deeply



no hagas

don't do/make

no pongas

don't put

no vayas

don't go

no seas

don't be

no vengas

don't come

no salgas

don't leave



no digas

don't tell/say



no te muevas

don't move

salta a la cuerda


no saltes a la cuerda

don't jump rope

baja de peso

lose weight

no bajes de peso

don't lose weight

aumenta de peso

gain weight

no aumentes de peso

don't gain weight

inscribete en un gimnasio

enroll in a gym

no te inscribas en un gimnasio

don't enroll in a gym


tell me


tell him or her

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