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A material made from Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt- magnetism retained for a long time


A train like transportation that uses magnetism to travel very quickly and magnetism levitates it so it is less noisy


Groups of atoms- when aligned material is magnetic, when random material not magnetic


Two unlike poles


Two like poles


Magnetism made by electricity- magnetism can by turned on and of

Magnetic Variation

The region of difference between the magnetic and geographic poles

Magnetic field

The region around a magnet where the magnetic force acts


Ends of the magnets (end of any magnetic field) NORTH AND SOUTH

Magnetic + Geographic poles

Magnetic north- geographic south, magnetic south- geographic north


A magnet created by electricity, only works when surrounded by electric field

Induced Magnetism

Magnetism that only occurs in the presence of a magnetic field

Induced current

A current caused by magnetism- no battery- only works when in magnetic field


Machine that makes electricity through magnetism


Machine that makes magnetism made from electricity

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