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The castes that exist in India are known as....


Which r examples of castes in India?


Which r examples of charismatic authority?

-An inspirational spiritual leader
-A dynamic celebrity activist

Illegitimate power relies upon...

-Force or coercion to generate obedience

The unequal distribution of resources among groups of ppl is called ______.


According to Max Weber, what are the 2 key components of power?

The ability to bring about an intended outcome
-The ability to overcome opposition

A _____ is made up of social structures & cultural norms that create & maintain inequality by ranking ppl into a hierarchy of groups that receive unequal resources.

Stratification system

Which r examples of the 6 bases of power w/in small groups & organizations?

-Coercive power
-Reward power
-Informational power

_______ examined the concept of class in terms of work, _______ looked at class in terms of life chances.

-Marx, Weber

Which is an example of hegemony?

a. A politician trying to demonize a foreign enemy in rallying citizen support for a war.

The estates that comprised a society's major strata in a feudal estate system usually include.....

-The nobility
-The Christian clergy

The prestige attributed to an individual is called _______.


What r the components of stratification according to Max Weber?

-Political power

The specific strategies ppl use to influence others in everyday life are called _______ tactics.


Stratification systems based primarily on _______ statuses are said to be open.


Which r examples of achieved statuses?

-College graduate

Which strategy of empowerment involves bringing ppl together to identify common goals & work together to achieve them?


Which r the key strategies for overcoming opposition?


Which is an example of a political use of power?

-Parents setting the rules for how children behave

Which is an example of economic power?

-The gov't. distributing money for various public projects
-Your boss exercising control over departmental supplies

Patriarchy is a stratification system based on _______ status.


In socialist class systems, the ideology emphasizes....

-The collective good
-Economic equality

The well-known role of _______ as a charismatic leader in the civil rights movement began during the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama.

M.L.K. Jr.

Which r key strategies to increase empowerment?


The system of racial segregation in the U.S. can be considered a _______ stratification system.


The ______ approach to understanding power focuses on overcoming opposition or dominating others.

-Power over

Economic power is significant b/c it enables some ppl to....

-Determine who will receive important resources & how those resources will be used

Prior to the Enlightenment of the 18th century, inequality was viewed....

-As inevitable & often a part of God's will

Which r examples of unequal resrouces?

-Access to important networks of ppl

Empowerment is the focus of much ______ scholarship on power.


The most efficient way to maintain a system of inequality is to.....

-Cinvince most ppl that the system is fair, inevitable, or both

In capitalist class systems, the ideology emphasizes...


The "power over" approach to understanding power focuses on...


The "power to" approach emphasizes....

-The ability to bring about an intended outcome

Which statements describe the relationship between power & compliance?

-Those w/ power depend upon compliance to maintain their position
-When authorities achieve compliance through coercion, conflict can often lurk beneath the orderly surface of society

______ is male domination through social institutions & cultural practices?


_______ Theories of power focus on the capacity of social systems to achieve collective goals.


Michael Foucault coined the term ______ to show that how we understand & interpret the world both enlightens & restricts us.


Which is an example of cultural power?

-Parents who encourage their children to read certain books

______ Theories point out that power can involve competence & empowerment, rather than just the domination of others.


Those w/ little apparent power can use ______ to great effect in bringing about social change.


Michael Foucault argued that....

-While power can be oppressive & dominating, it can also have a postive effect

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