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Monroe's Motivated Sequence

What are the five main parts of the Monroe's Motivated Sequence?
Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action
What is the first part of the MMS?
What is the second part of the MMS?
What is the third part of the MMS?
What is the fourth part of the MMS?
What is the fifth part of the MMS?
What is Attention?
Begin by gaining the audience's attention and drawing it to your topic
What is the Need Step?
The Problem
What is the Satisfaction Step?
Show the extent of the need and its effects on the audience, and propose a solution that will satisfy the need
What is the Visualization Step?
Ask listeners to imagine the future, both if they enact the proposal and if they fail to do so.
What is the Action Step?
Call for a specific Action
What are the four components of Need?
Statement, Illustration, Ramifications, Pointing
What are the five components of Satisfaction?
Statement, Explanation, Theoretical Demonstration, Practicality, Meeting Objections
What are the three components of Visualization
Positive, Negative, Contrast
What are the three components of Action?
Name, State, End
What is the Statement Component of Need?
tell the nature of the problem
What is the Illustration Component of Need?
give a relevant detailed example or examples
What is the Ramifications Component of Need?
Provide additional support such as statistics or testimony that show the extent of the problem
What is the Pointing Component of Need?
Show the direct relationship between the audience and the problem
What is the Statement Component of Satisfaction?
Briefly state the attitude, belief, or action you want the audience to adopt
What is the Explanation Component of Satisfaction?
Make your proposal understandable (visual aids)
What is the Theoretical Demonstration Component of Satisfaction?
Show the logical connection between the need and its satisfaction
What is the Practicality Component of Satisfaction?
Use facts, figures, and testimony to show that the proposal has worked effectively or that the belief has been proved correct
What is the Meeting Objections Component of Satisfaction?
Show that your proposal can overcome your listeners' potential objections
What is the Name Component of Action?
Name the specific, overt action, attitude, or belief you are advocating
What is the State Component of Action?
State your personal intention to act
What is the End Component of Action
End with Impact