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Haskvitz Test #11

Louisiana purchase
agreement (senate approved) that bought land to roughly double the size of the us.
Meriwether Lewis
Led expedition to explore west
William Clark
Co-leader of expedition to explore west
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Long journey to explore Louisiana Purchase
shohone, from the rocky's, accompanied Lewis and Clark along with his husband ( a french trader)
Zebulon Pike
Young army officer, found starting point of Red River. He explored and gave info on much of the S/W areas
Corps of discovery
name of the group who explored Louisiana Purchase
Missouri River
The river lewis and clark explored
USS Constitution
A warship, sent to end the pirates (from Barbary states) raiding.
practice of forcing people to serve in the army/navy.
Banning trade (against Britain) as an alternative to war
Embargo Act
Banned trade with all foreign countries
Non-intercourse act
(replace embargo) banned trade from only with Britain, France and their colonies
Shawnee chief, warned dangers of settlers, wanted to unite
Battle of Tippecanoe
The US defeated Tecumseh and his followers
War Hawks
Several young members of congress, who took on the lead in calling war to Brittain
James Madison
Republican, president, he decided we should go to war with Britain, was comander in chief
Oliver Hazard Penny
in charge of breaking Britain's control of Lake Erie
Battle of Lake Erie
tried to break Britain's control of Lake Erie
Andrew Jackson
in response to Creek Indians taking over and killing fort people, Andrew gathered men to come and take revenge on them. Creek war.
Battle of New Orleans
Made Andrew Jackson a hero and was the last major conflict of the war of 1812
Hartford Convention
Federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates to meet with congress.
Treaty of Ghent
Signed in Belgium, end of war of 1812
Treaty of forT Jackson
ended Creek War and forced the Creeks to give up millions of acres of land
4 effects of the war of 1812
boost american manufacturing , weaken native american resistance, decrease federalist popularity, nations give back territory conquered, and american patriotism and spirit and pride increase
after treaty of ghent
the hartford convention sent federalist delegates that didn't get to washington in time. people made fun of them, the war already ended but they didn't know because communication was slow,