Excellent Spanish vocabulary.


to whisper


to murmur


to grumble

el traspatio

the backyard

cargar la batería

to charge the battery


to plug in

encender, prender

to turn on (2)

el rechazo

rejection, disapproval


newly, just, recently

prescindir, hacer caso omiso de algo

to ignore something, "give something a miss" (2)

la carpeta

the file, file folder

prestar atencion a algo

to give/lend attention to something


to do without, disregard, skip


indispensable, essential

tener cuenta de

to take account of

una excusa, una disculpa

an excuse (2)

de antemano

beforehand, ahead of time


to give birth

gracias de antemano

Thanks in advance

una sugerencia

a suggestion

Quiero que me corregas

I want you to correct me

la entrega

the delivery

una filtración

a leak (liquid or information)

el mostrador

the counter

2 metros de ancho por 4 de largo

2 meters wide by 4 long

un bicho raro

a weirdo


to wither, fade, pine away

la aldea

the small village

Lo hago de tal forma que sepas hacerlo mañana.

I'm doing it in such a way that you'll know how to do it tomorrow.

Quien algo quiere, algo le cuesta.

"No pain, no gain."

lo más posible

as much as possible

es mío

it's mine

es tuyo?

is it yours?

pensaba que era mío.

I thought it was mine.

devolver algo

to return something

dentro de poco

in a little while

No es broma!

It's no joke!

Escribes desde pequeño?

Have you been writing since you were young?

apagar el fuego

to turn off the heat

estar en su salsa

to be in one's element

Preparados, listos, ya!

Ready, set, go!

Les queda un minuto

You have a minute left.

Me estas tocando las narices

You're getting on my nerves.

Siento haberles molestado.

I'm sorry to have bothered/disturbed you.

tomarselo mal

to take it badly

me atrevería a decir que

I would go so far as to say that, I dare say that

no me atrevo

I don't dare, I wouldn't dare


to dare

atreverse a hacer algo

to dare to do something

la ocurrencia

witty remark, bright idea

la forma

the shape, way, form

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