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Tidal Ecosystem: A systematic approach

What are the parts of a systems approach?
It consists of sub-systems (what makes it up), input) what come into it), outputs (what leaves it), boundaries (what is the outline of it) and flows of matter and energy (did you see any?).
Why use a systematic approach?
This helps us understand complex things and break them down into sub-systems. Shows inputs and outputs.
What is abiotic mean and give an example?
not alive (example: rock, moon, water, chemicals...)
What is biotic mean and give an example?
alive (crabs, worms, clam, algae, planktons...)
Is Sandy Point a healthy ecosystem with healthy soft shell clams?
Sandy Point has many signs that show the tidal flats are in trouble. When we went on our field trip were did not see any soft shell clams. We did see numerous milky ribbon worms and European green crabs that are harmful to the soft shell clam. During our transect walk we did find dead soft shell clams and empty clams.
What is red tide?
It is when fresh water algae enters the ocean, increase in population density gets too high and it creates an algae bloom. Algae have toxic chemicals in them which are dangerous for humans to eat. The toxic chemical enters the bi-valve of the clam, oyster, scallop or mussel.
What is the impact of red tide on humans?
Clammers and fishermen/man are affected because they can not harvest their products. The toxic chemical in the shellfish can cause you to be paralized or even death.
What causes red tide?
The weather has a lot to do with it, if there is a rainstorm or water run-off this is not helpful.
Name 3 predator-prey relationships from a tidal ecosystem? Draw an arrow showing the flow of energy from prey to predator.
Shellfish-------------> green crab
clams <----------plankton-------->barnacles
algae----------> snails
How can change in an ecosystem have a negative effect on a system?
humans bringing invasive species into an environment that kills a native species (ex: green crabs killing soft shell clam)
Water run-off
What are some of the negative effects humans can cause on a tidal ecosystem?
The use of fertilize/pesticides and pet waste is a negative effect because it can run into the ocean.
Wormers collect worms to sell and over raking kills the clams.
Water run-off
Clamers vs Wormers
What are some positive effects humans can cause on a tidal system?
Scientist continue to monitor red tide and inform the public when it is unsafe to harvest clams, oysters and mussels. Creating aqua-cultures
Working on reducing pollution
Advantages of an upweller?
1. protection
2. nice model of tidal ecosystem
3. feeding and higher temperature makes clams grow faster than a normal environment
4. reduces competition
How is an upweller a system?
It has inputs: salt water and food
It has outputs: salt water, waste, sound and pump
Subsystems: silos, water, screen, organism
Boundary: upweller