25 terms

Confirmation quiz 1

How many Gods are there
How many Persons are there in God?
Three Persons in God.
Who are they? What are their names? (In Trinity)
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
Is the Father God?
Is the Son God?
Is the Holy Spirit God?
How many Gods are there?
There is only One God.
What is the name of the mystery of 3 persons in 1 God
Which Person of the Holy Trinity became man?
The Second Person, God the Son, became man
Did the son give up his divine nature when he became man? (stop being God)
NO. (The Second Person became man without giving up His divine nature, he is still God)
When He became man, did He have a human mother?
Who was Jesus's human mother?
The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Who was Jesus's real father?
God the Father. He did not have a human father.
Who was Jesus's adopted father?
What name was given to the Second Person of the Trinity when He became man?
When was Jesus born?
He was born on the first Christmas.
Is Jesus God?
Jesus is God (and Man)
Is Jesus man?
Jesus is Man (and God)
What is the Incarnation?
God becoming man (From the Latin in corpus = into a body) 2nd Person of the Trinity become man
When you were born, did you have a share in God's life (Sanctifying Grace)?
What was the original sin? (first sin)
Adam and Eve's sin of 1) pride and 2) disobedience to God's law.
What is meant by the Redemption?
Jesus dies on the cross to save us from Hell (Saved us from the punishment of Sin)
When did you receive a share in God's life for the first time? Sanctifying grace)
At Baptism
What was the first Sacrament you received?
What does the Sacrament of Baptism do? (3 things)
1) Its removes orginal sin and 2) gives santifiy grace 3)adoption into God's family.