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soc 30 "the decline of the date and the rise of the college hookup

Where did they get their information - who did they study? For example,
numbers, sexual preferences, students or non-students?
615 students answer an online-survey with closed ended questions. A team of students did an interview with 270 fellow undergraduate students. Undergraduate, heterosexual scene.
Describe the dating scene of the 1920s-1950s. What was the purpose, what was
the place of sex?
- an invention of the 1920s, helped by invention of car and commercial spots
-1950s-sexual intercourse was to be reserved for marraige
Who dates in today's college scene? When does dating occur now? Among those
who are in a steady, exclusive relationship
How common was dating among the people they surveyed who were not in
exclusive, steady relationships? How common was it among people who
were in exclusive relationships? Provide specific percentages.
- over half of both men and women had been on fewer than five dates. only seven percent had been on more than ten.
-in a seclusive relationship: much higher. --30 percent of each sex had been on none, but 45 percent had been on more than ten, showing that daying is much more common after than before exclusive relationships
Of the people they surveyed, how many hookups had those folks been on?
- a little more than 20 percent had never been on one
1/4 had hooked up at least once but no more than four times
-about 20 percent had had 5-10 hookups, and over a third had hookuped up more than ten times
-about half (47 percent) started at a party
-about a quarter (23 percent) started in dorm
How does the hookup culture affect the ways that relationships start?
-hookups lead to relationships or friends with benefits
Be able to list 3 main points of this article that you would tell your roommate or
friend. Hint, you can often get the 'big picture' of an article by re-reading
the beginning and the conclusion. You can also try writing the main idea of
each section to see if that gives you the big ideas of the reading.
What kinds of hookups happen? Are they mostly 'random' among the people they
NO! only 14 percent said they didn't know the other person
-over half said they knew the person moderatley or very well
How did the people they interviewed describe the role of alcohol in hooking up?
-men- average five
-women-average three
-46 percent reported drinking little enough they they were not significantly impaired
-13 percent were impaired but under the legal limit
28 percent were extreamly drunk
-go farther sexually then they wish
-some like being under the influence because it took away inhibitions and helped them
What kind of sexual behavior occurred on hookups for the people they surveyed?
Be able to describe what is happening, in your own words. Hint, if you don't
understand the graph on p. 154 it's ok. Just read the text - they describe
the graph there.
-34 percent: involved no more than kissing and touching that didn't involve genitals
-19 percent: hand stimulation of one or both person's genitals
-22 percent: oral sex, not intercourse
-23 percent: sexual intercourse
If one person is getting oral sex, who is most likely to be the one getting it? Why?
males (37 percent vs. 14 percent)
-women are uncomfortable receicing oral sex outside a relationship
-men are unskilled...
How do relationships start if there is not much dating
-44 percent had one or more hook ups first: sometimes followed by a date.
- often made official or exclusive via "the talk"
-DTR: define the relationship/or the "talk"
-just 3/4ths of respondents had intercourse when describing a current or most recent relationship that lasted at least 6 months
Define the 'orgasm gap', misunderstandings, and gender differences in this
aspect of sex in the hookup culture.
-40 percent of men orgasm
-men reported thinking females orgasmed 30 percent of the most recent hookups, but in actuality it was only 14 percent
-men orgasm twice as many times as women
-women are receiving elss genital stimulation conductive to orgasm than men in hookups.
-For intercourse:
-men orgasm 80 percent of time
-women orgasm 1/3rd of the time (but men report it to be 70 percent)
oral sex
-men:80 percent
-females-30 percent
Thinking about sexual gratification, relationships and reputations and such,
would the authors say that women and men are now equal sexually? List
specific evidence to support your answer
How does hooking up illustrate social construction? As we learn more about
hooking up, what beliefs are being shown to be socially constructed?
...men get rewarded, women are stigmatized