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an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up

blow their stake

lose and/or spend all their money

live off the fat of the land

To grow own food,land is so "fat" or rich, that it is all that is needed

bust a gut

Work so hard that you feel like you busted a gut


camp out at night with

cat house

***** house; house of prostitution

watchin' the blackboard

looking for a job

a bum steer

A false information/direction

What stake you got in this guy

What financial interest do you have in him

leave your big flapper shut

A flapper is a mouth, thus "be quiet"


Fond of fighting, competing

take the rap

Take the blame

slang her pups

gave birth to puppies



got the eye


pants rabbits

Parasite (lice) from sharing bunks


hopeless situation

flat bust

completely broke



start a party out to lynch

get a group together to hang someone

throw a litter

give birth


Boxer between light and middle weight

roll up a stake

save some money

set on the trigger

just about to cause trouble


a sexy woman

make it stick

Be successful/see it to the end

on the county

on welfare

yella jackets in his drawers



Yellow, coward


Silly idiots

took a powder


booby hatch

pejorative terms for an insane asylum





put me in pitchers

To put in the movies

right cross

boxing term: a punch delivered by a right fist

cover 'im up

cover 'im up

went with shows

went with shows

Don't try to put nothin' over on me

don't lie to me

Somebody made a ringer

In horseshoes someone centered the pole and scored

I think I knowed we'd never do her

HER is the ranch. He always knew the dream wouldn't happen in his heart.

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