Chapter 8

A change in one's behavior due to the real or imagined influence of other people
Informational social influence
The influence of other people that leads us to conform because we see them as a
source of information to guide our behavior; we conform because we believe that others' interpretation of
an ambiguous situation is more correct than ours and will help us choose an appropriate course of action.
private acceptance
Conforming to other people's behavior out of a genuine belief that what they are going or saying is right
informational social influence.
Victor goes to a fancy French restaurant. There are utensils on the table that he's never even seen before, and more spoons and forks than he's ever seen on one table. Eager to dine in an appropriate and sophisticated way, Victor secretly watches other diners to see what they do. This is an example of
obedience to authority.
The atrocities your text mentions, including the My Lai massacre and genocides (particularly in Nazi Germany) are most likely due to
Mass psychogenic illness
________ refers to the occurrence of similar physical symptoms in a group of people when there
is no known physical cause for the symptoms.
private acceptance.
An important feature of informational social influence is that it often leads to
engaging in social comparison.
Examination of people who have resisted informational influence show that these people engage in all of the following EXCEPT
normative social influence.
Imagine that you are attending a new high school and would like to make friends. On the first day of school, you observe that all of the students in your homeroom are crumpling paper into balls and throwing them on the floor. You begin to do the same. You have conformed to the group's behavior due to
Another member of the team decides not to participate.
Jane's softball team is planning to steal the other team's mascot-a baby goat. Jane does not want to participate in such a scheme. Which of the following situations would make it more likely that Jane will refuse to help her team steal the goat?
her sorority sisters are immediate and the sorority is very important to her
According to Latané' s (1981) social impact theory, Katy will binge eat with her sorority sisters because
the more likely people are to engage in informational conformity, but the less likely people are to engage in normative conformity.
Research by Baron et al. (1996) on the importance of accuracy indicates that the more important it is for people to be accurate
more than
According to Latane's (1981) social impact theory, as group size increases from 2 to 3 members the impact will increase ________ if a group increases from 29 to 30 members
become even more convinced than before that such a practice is discriminatory
You are the only one to refuse to conform to your classmates' consensus that it is appropriate for salespeople to pay closer attention to African-American shoppers than to European-American shoppers. Now that you have refused to conform to their views, you will probably
members of a jury trying to reach a verdict in a murder trial
Informational social influence is most likely to play a significant role in which of the following situations?
Tabitha, who sees a poster on campus that says, "83% of UX students have 3 drinks or fewer when they drink."
Which student below is being exposed to an attempt to change behavior based on the "social norms" approach?
try to persuade him to conform.
If a person deviates from the norms of a group, the first thing the group is likely to do is
private acceptance
Conforming to other people's behavior out of a genuine belief that what they are
doing or saying is right.
public acceptenc
Conforming to other people's behavior publicly without necessarily believing in
what we are doing or saying
try to persuade him to conform.
mass psychogenic illness
The occurrence, in a group of people, of similar physical symptoms with no known physical cause
social norms
The implicit or explicit rules a group has for the acceptable behaviors, values, and beliefs of its members
normative social influence
The influence of other people that leads us to conform in order to be liked andaccepted by them; this type of conformity results in public compliance with the group's beliefs and behaviors but not necessarily private acceptance of those beliefs and behaviors.
social impact theory
The idea that conforming to social influence depends on the strength of the group's importance, its immediacy, and the number of people in the group.
idosyncrasy credits
The tolerance a person earns, over time, by conforming to group norms; if enough idiosyncrasy credits are earned, the person can, on occasion, behave deviantly without retribution from the group.
descriotive norms
People's perceptions of how people actually behave in given situations,
regardless of whether the behavior is approved or disapproved of by others.p.