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Democratic Party
A major political party that favors more control for the Federal government , in favor higher taxes to support social programs; liberal
Republican Party
A major political party that believes that the federal government should play a small role in people's lives; they favor lower taxes and less government spending; conservative
Communist Party
A 3rd party that believes the government should control all production and distribution of goods so everyone is equal
Socialist Party
A 3rd party that believes the government should control large businesses but not small ones. It still allows elections and personal freedoms. It supports workers over the rich, higher taxes, and healthcare for all.
Green Party
A 3rd party dedicated to the environment, social justice, nonviolence, and a foreign policy of nonintervention
Libertarian Party
A 3rd party that advocates minimizing government involvement at all levels, while maximizing individual freedom and rights
Constitution Party
A 3rd party with a platform which reflects the party's interpretation of the principles in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bible, and the Bill of Rights
Tea Party
A 3rd party with goals of limiting government, gun rights, prayers in schools, outlawing abortions, preventing undocumented immigration, and opposed deficits and growing national debt
Political Party
Organization made up of members with similar views on issues related to government and society
Third Party
Any political party that appears as an alternative to the two main parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. Often extremist, single-issue or candidate-centered. Not major feature of US political system because of winner-take-all electoral system.
Party Platform
a list of policy positions/ views a party endorses and pledges its elected officials to enact
2 Party System
political system in which the candidates of only two major parties have a chance of winning

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