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An aquifer recharge zone is any area where water _______.

infiltrates Earth's surface and reaches an aquifer below

When a water-bearing porous layer of rock, sand, or gravel is trapped between upper and lower layers of less permeable substances, it is _______.

an artesian aquifer

A freshwater wetland located in a forested area where the rooted plants are able to grow above the water's surface throughout the entire wetland is called a (an) _______.


Which of the following wetland environments only occurs for a short period of time each year?

vernal pools

percentage fresh water


Water is renewed naturally by the earth as it moves through the _________.

hydrologic cycle

An area that is drained by a river system is called its _________.


Precipitation can

take a variety of pathways


periodically flooded when a river overflows

The fish in the lake at the local park are dying. A professor from the local college comes to investigate, and first she measures the dissolved oxygen. She wants to check the ________.

possibility of eutrophication

What is the spatial relationship between the distributions of water and people?

Populations and water resources too often have an inverse relationship (lots of people where there is little water).

What caused the Aral Sea, the fourth largest lake on Earth, to lose four-fifths of its volume in 40 years?

overconsumption by cotton farmers

The greatest use of fresh water worldwide is _______.


The dams on the Colorado River have NOT provided ______.

more usable water for Mexico

A farmer wakes up one morning and sees a large circular area of land on his farm that is sunken. What may be the problem?

groundwater was overpumped.

drinking water

Most bottled water is just purified tap water.


facilities are expensive and are primarily found in rich desert nations.

wastes as little as 10% of the water applied to the plants?

drip irrigation

could reduce amount of water used on crops

genetic modification

What is the main way that humans use water in a consumptive fashion?


Dams create


Which of the following is one of the major pollutants of groundwater due to agriculture


As of 2010, the saga of the Colorado River's water resource allocation is being complicated by ________.

several years of drought coupled with the rapid growth of Las Vegas

Sinkholes can occur when ________.

excessive water use lowers a water table and weakens the substrate

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the number of human-induced sinkholes has doubled since 1930. Insurance claims increased 1200% from 1987 to 1991, costing nearly $100 million. A major reason for this is ________.

increased water consumption through development and urbanization

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