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What types of movement are possible between thoracic vertebrae?


A ligament running along the side of the knee is a:


The primary function of the pectoral girdle is to:

provide an attachment point for the numerous muscles that allow the shoulder and elbow joints to move

All of the following are true regarding the curves of the spinal except

The first curve forms when a child begins to walk.

Which of the following does not describe synovial joints?

bones held together by cartilage

The bones that are connected to the backbone and sternum are called the:

true ribs

Abduction is

moving the right arm out to the right

The remodeling units of bones are the:

osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

"Articulations" refer to:


Bone is connected to bone by:


In what condition would you suspect inflammation of the superficial olecranal bursa of the hinge joint?

student's elbow

Which of the following bones is NOT a part of the axial skeleton?


An autoimmune disease resulting in inflammation and eventual fusion of diarthrotic joints is:

rheumatoid arthritis

The thickened cartilage "cushions" found in the knee that absorb compression are


Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

irregular bone - sternum

arm bone


bone of the forearm


commonly called the collarbone


bones of the wrist


fingers have 3 of these, but the thumb only has 2


longest bone of the body; articulates with the coxal bone


lateral bone of the leg






heel bone


bones of the ankle


bones forming the instep of the foot


Which of the following set of bones make up the pelvic girdle

ilium, ischium, pubis

Place in order the categories of verbrae from the top of the spinal cord to the tailbone.

1. cervical vertebrae
2. coccyx
3. lumbar vertebrae
4. sacral vertebrae
5. thoracic vertebrae


Bones need the following in order to be healthy:


b. vitamin D to absorb calcium from the small intestine.

c. vitamin A for bone shaping.

d. vitamin C for synthesis of collagen.

Which of the following do NOT apply to a sprain?


The functional classes of joints differs on their degree of movement ranging from being immovable to freely movable


In a woman the pelvic girdle is more massive and the iliac crests are farther apart than in a man's in order for the woman to be able to give birth.


Joints between bones of the skull are called:


Each person has approximately how many bones in their body?


The most commonly broken bone in the body is the


The functions of the skeleton include all of the following except

storage of water

Which of the following joints has the greatest freedom of movement?

humeroscapular (shoulder joint)

Bones helping to form the cranial cavity include all of the following except


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