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We respect our employees and value their diversity" is an example of a statement you are most likely to find in the organization's
Mission, Strategic goals, tactical plans, tactical goals


We seek to become the premier business school in the west" is an example of a statement you are most likely to find in the organization's
Tactical goals, operational goals, mission, tactical plan

Tactical goals

Silver Star Automobiles holds monthly planning and operational reviews to ensure that it is on track for meeting organizational goals. This involves which stage of the organizational planning process?
Developing, translating, operating, monitoring


At Save-tech, Sophia, director of marketing, is a member of a cross-functional group of managers and employees. The purpose of the group is to gain a deep understanding company's competitive environment and periodically present these findings to top management. Sophia is involved in what type of team?
Intelligence, functional, cross-functional, project


The ____ strategy involves strong central authority, cutting costs, and maintaining standard operating procedures to be more efficient than competitors.
Differentiation, focus, cost leadership

cost leadership

. Sugar manufacturers have been steadily losing business as a result of increasing use of high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods. However, sugar sales are beginning to increase again in recent months. This example most closely demonstrates which of Porter's Five Forces?
Bargaining power, new entrants, substitution


The ____ is the basis for the strategic level of goals and plans which in turn shapes the ____ and ____ level.
goal, objective, operation, mission


Sherry is a first-line supervisor at Rooftop Corporation. She is most concerned with which level of goals?
operational, tactical strategic, mission


The ____ model of decision making is most valuable when applied to ____.

classical, non classical, programmed, non programmed

classical programmed

Melissa is a manager at InStylez Clothing. Her job is very complex and she feels that she does not have enough time to identify and/or process all the information she needs to make decisions. Melissa's situation is most consistent with which of the following concepts?
stratifying, brainstorming, bounded relativity

bounded relativity

All of the following are characteristics of the classical decision making model EXCEPT
rational choice, conditions, clear cut, limited


All of the following are characteristics of the administrative decision making model EXCEPT
vague problems, certainty, limited information


Finance managers at Big Bend Inc. made a financial blunder when they solely looked at the previous year's sales to estimate sales for the coming year. This is an example of which management bias?
emotions, status quo, initial impressions

initial impressions

Choosing between a differentiation strategy and an overall cost leadership strategy is an example of
plan, objective, decision


Mark, a production manager at Kaylie's Kookware, recently chose to schedule his workers to work overtime. His alternative was to hire more workers. He is now monitoring the consequences of his choice. This is an example of
planning, organizing, decision making

decision making

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