50 terms

Chapter 11

Comptia A+
Socket services
Which device drivers enable the system to detect when a PC Card is inserted or removed?
Matte and high gloss
Which two types of finish are available for laptop LCD screens?
The laptop has a fixed-input power supply.
Erin has an older laptop with a switch on the back that says 115/230. What does this indicate?
Which of the following types of battery is the most toxic and should be disposed of carefully?
Docking stations
Which devices provide common PC ports along with extra features for DVD drives or PC Card slots?
Shared memory is being used by video.
A laptop has 1 GB of RAM installed, but Windows only reports 924 MB. Why?
Retrain the digitizer
John's PDA suddenly stopped recognizing his handwriting. What's a likely fix for this problem?
External monitors
What do many laptops support via VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort?
192 MB
A laptop has a video card using shared memory. It needs to work as a 256 MB video card but only has 64 MB on board. How much memory must it borrow?
Use the Hardware Removal Tool in the system tray
How should you remove a modular drive?
Physical switch or function key combination
How can you turn on or off built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters without shutting down a laptop?
Shared memory
What technology is used in laptop video cards to reduce cost?
Legacy device
You can use port replicators to connect parallel printers. In this scenario, what is the parallel printer?
Mini PCI
Which bus was developed specifically for integrated communications peripherals such as modems and network adapters?
Which is the successor to APM and specifies global and sleeping power states?
Fuel cells
What kind of cells produce electrical power as a by-product of a chemical reaction?
Type II
Which of the following kinds of PC Cards is the most commonly used, especially for I/O functions?
Check the switch on the front or side of the laptop that toggles power to the network card.
If wireless networking is not working, what should you check?
The system does not yet have the proper drivers loaded
Juanita plugged in a new USB mouse, but her laptop does not recognize that a device has been added. What is the most likely cause for this problem?
Port replicator
What can you use to connect a notebook computer to nonportable components such as a printer, a scanner, a monitor, or a full-sized keyboard?
Which batteries cannot be used as replacement batteries in other systems?
Card services
Which software drivers recognize the function of a PC Card and provide specialized drivers to make the card work?
You can configure APM and ACPI in Windows settings. Where else can you configure it?
Which is the high-performance serial replacement for PC Cards?
Battery memory
What's a problem with Nickel-Cadmium batteries?
What batteries are a popular replacement for Ni-Cd batteries?
How many different physical sizes do PC Cards come in?
Which port can support the keyboard and mouse in portable devices?
72-pin and 144-pin SO-DIMMs
Portable PCs typically use which of the following kinds of upgradeable RAM?
System Management Mode
One of the features of power management enables the CPU to slow down or stop its clock without erasing register information. What is this called?
They are 2.5-inch SATA drives, but they do not hold as much data as the 3.5-inch hard drives found in desktop PCs.
Which of the following statements best describes hard drives typically found in laptops?
16 bit
PC Cards come in two flavors: ____________________ and CardBus.
An Energy Star peripheral device must have the ability to ____________________ down without actually turning off.
A type of battery that tells the computer when it needs to be charged, conditioned, or replaced is known as a(n) ____________________ battery.
CardBus cards support up to ____________________ different functions.
With power management enabled, an unused device may or may not be shut down in the APM ____________________ level.
Power Options
Windows allows the user to configure power settings using the ____________________ applet.
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI);
You can configure the power button to turn the system off, enter standby, or even hibernate. This comes from the ____________________ standard.
Random Access Memory (RAM);
Random Access Memory;
When a PC comes out of hibernation, Windows reloads all the files and applications into ____________________.
Cells that produce electrical power as a result of a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen are known as ____________________ cells.
TurboCache, HyperMemory;
HyperMemory, TurboCache
Shared memory technologies include ____________________ and ____________________.
Function (Fn);
Most portable devices use a special ____________________ key, which adds a third option to certain keys on the keyboard when pressed.
The most common PC Cards are Type ____________________ cards.
ACPI S3 is known as ____________________ or standby mode.
Power Options
The applet used in Windows to configure power settings is the ____________________ applet.
Advanced Power Management (APM), Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI);
Advanced Power Management, Advanced Configuration Power Interface

To take full advantage of SMM, Intel put forward the ____________________ specification in 1992 and the ____________________ standard in 1996.
auto-switching power supplies
Many portable computers have ____________________, meaning they can detect outlet voltage and adjust it.
Shared memory
The technology that allows video cards to borrow memory from Windows is called ____________________.
hibernate or hibernation;
Windows provides a feature that takes everything in active memory and stores it on the hard drive just before the system powers down. This mode is known as ____________________.
In the ACPI ____________________ level, the CPU stops, although the RAM still stores all programs.