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  1. white to brown pelage
  2. the pituitary gland of adult humans lacks
  3. growth of new capillary vessels is induced most strongly by
  4. the role of inhibin is the regulate the release of the following hormone via negative feedback control at the level fo the hypothalamus and pituitary
  5. the only structural differences in the nune identified neurohypophysial hormones occurs at positions
  1. a increae in MSH
  2. b angiogenin
  3. c FSH
  4. d 34 8
  5. e pars intermedia

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  1. raising cGMP levels
  2. beta chain
  3. prostacyclin
  4. increae in cAMP
  5. at the apical embrane

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  1. the release of enzymes from the exocrine pancreas occurs primarily in response to which of the following hormonescholecystokinin


  2. one of the characteristic structural features of G protein coupled receptors isseven stretches of hydrophobic conserved residues separated by hydrophilic segments


  3. the major glucocorticoid in humans iscortisol


  4. addition of serum from hypohysectomized animals treated with ACTH to cartilage explants wouldarythropoietin


  5. the endocrine methodology tht uses radioactively labelled hormones and a sensitive photographic emulsion to determine the anatomical location of hormones iautoradiography


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