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  1. castrated male or female given testosterone during the indifferent stage of sexual development would subsequently have
  2. hormonal information is carried from the median eminence directly into the pars distalis via the
  3. growth of new capillary vessels is induced most strongly by
  4. the primary hormone responsible for preparation of the reproductive tract for implantation by the zygote and the subsequnt maintenance of the pregnancy is
  5. isoproterenol produces stronger response when bound to
  1. a progesterone
  2. b both mulierian and wolffian duct derivatives
  3. c hypophysial portal system
  4. d beta adrenoceptors than when bound to alpha adrenoceptors
  5. e angiogenin

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  1. increase effects of cAMP
  2. female sexual maturation in mice is accelerated by the odor of a male
  3. adenohypohysis
  4. an increase in cGMP
  5. FSH and LH, GH and PRL, aMSH and bLPH and ACTH

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  1. the main intrthyroidal storage form of thyroid hormonesthyroglobulin


  2. hormones that stimulate gluconeogenesisphenylalanine tyrosine dopa dopamine norepinephrine epinephrine


  3. an increase in PGE2 causessmooth muscle relaxation


  4. the diffusion of a chemical messenger through extracellular spaces to its target cell is best described as being what type of delivery systemendocrine


  5. pro-his-pro-NH2 is the structural formula forACTH