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  1. an increase in PGE2 causes
  2. injection of insulin results in a
  3. thyroxine can be converted to
  4. the steroid synthesizing cells of the gonads and adrenal cortex are of
  5. during the luteal phase
  1. a mesodermal origin
  2. b triiodothyronine in athyreotic humans
  3. c decrease in blood glucose levels
  4. d plasma levels of FSH and LH are depresed
  5. e increae in cAMP

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  1. lipoprotein lipase
  2. in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
  3. alpha
  4. juxtaglomerular cells of the kidney
  5. changes the shape of folicular cells from columnar to squamous

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  1. portion of the pituitary gland that was derived from an inward evagination of the oral ectoderm known as rathkes pouchadenohypohysis


  2. dopamine is a precursor molecule in the synthesis ofjuxtaglomerular cells of the kidney


  3. supernatentes in a radioimmunoassay isinversly related to testosterone level


  4. a gastrointestinal hormone that potentiates insulin release in the presence of glucose isaromatase


  5. an increase in blood pressuredecreases the release of arginine vasopressin