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  1. sympathetic neurons of the autonomic nervious system and adrenal chromaffin cells share a common
  2. the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of the mammalian hypothalamus synthesize
  3. the portion of the pituitary gland that develops as a ventral growth from the floor of the diencephalon is
  4. excessive sodium in the body increased potassium lossin the urine increased blood volume and hypertension are symptoms of
  5. injection of insulin results in a
  1. a pars nervosa
  2. b decrease in blood glucose levels
  3. c neuroectodermal origin
  4. d hyperaldosteronism
  5. e neurohypophysial neurohormones

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  1. TRH
  2. alkalosis, excessive NA, hypertension
  3. female sexual maturation in mice is accelerated by the odor of a male
  4. show hormonal like activity
  5. increase cGMP and decrease cAMP levels in many tissues where binding to beta adrenoceptors causes an increase in cAMP

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  1. one effect of caffeine is toinhibit phosphodiesterase activity


  2. a gastrointestinal hormone that potentiates insulin release in the presence of glucose isdecrease in blood glucose levels


  3. thyroxine can be converted totriiodothyronine in athyreotic humans


  4. the beta cells of the islets of langerhands can be selectively destroyed by administeringalloxan


  5. addition of serum from hypohysectomized animals treated with ACTH to cartilage explants wouldarginine, epinephrine, hypoglycemia