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  1. the most variable portion of the menstrual cycle is the
  2. the hypophysiotropic area of the mammalian hypothalamus is the
  3. directly activates inactive cAMP dependent protein kinase
  4. insulin increases the activity of
  5. excessive sodium in the body increased potassium lossin the urine increased blood volume and hypertension are symptoms of
  1. a hyperaldosteronism
  2. b media basal hypothalamus
  3. c follicular phase
  4. d lipoprotein lipase
  5. e cAMP

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  1. cyclooxygenase activity
  2. in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
  3. FSH
  4. follicular phase
  5. somatotropin

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  1. changes in the size of the crop sac in pigeons is a bioassay forinversly related to testosterone level


  2. the genomic actions of cAMP are mediated byinhibit phosphodiesterase activity


  3. amenorrhea and anovulation are complicating sequalae of excessive secretion ofPRL


  4. hiparprolactiremia which is frequently associated with menstrual abnormalities can be treated withfollicular phase


  5. myometrial sensitivity to oxytocin and the number of onxytocin receptors increases whenthe ratio of plasma estradiol to progesterone increases