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  1. the synthesis and releae of somatomedins from the liver is stimulated primarily by
  2. the N acetylation of serotonin by acetyltransferase is
  3. sequence of catecholamines
  4. treatment with tolbutamide and toher solfuonurea derivatives would
  5. amenorrhea and anovulation are complicating sequalae of excessive secretion of
  1. a phenylalanine tyrosine dopa dopamine norepinephrine epinephrine
  2. b PRL
  3. c somatotropin
  4. d greater at night than during the day
  5. e decrease blood glucose level

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  1. pars nervosa
  2. stimulates smooth muscle relaxation
  3. mesodermal origin
  4. glucagon, secretin, VIP , GIP
  5. prostaglandin E2

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  1. testostorone synthesis in the leydig cells of the testes is stimulated by a cAMP mediated activation ofcholesterol esterase


  2. an agonist to a particular hormone would be expected tobeta adrenoceptors than when bound to alpha adrenoceptors


  3. serotonin levelselevated during the day and depressed at night


  4. the diffusion of a chemical messenger through extracellular spaces to its target cell is best described as being what type of delivery systemendocrine


  5. the most potent natural inhibitor of blood platelet aggregation isaromatase