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  1. hormonal information is carried from the median eminence directly into the pars distalis via the
  2. one role of light in the pineal function is to entrain or synchronize the pineal rhythm with the environment via an endogenous timekeeper believed to be located
  3. diacylglycerol formed from the action of phospholipase on phosphatidylinositol 4,5 bisphosphate directly
  4. the primary hormone responsible for preparation of the reproductive tract for implantation by the zygote and the subsequnt maintenance of the pregnancy is
  5. portion of the pituitary gland that was derived from an inward evagination of the oral ectoderm known as rathkes pouch
  1. a progesterone
  2. b adenohypohysis
  3. c hypophysial portal system
  4. d in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
  5. e activates protein kinase C

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  1. prostacyclin
  2. FSH and LH, GH and PRL, aMSH and bLPH and ACTH
  3. plasma levels of FSH and LH are depressed
  4. cortisol
  5. increase the effects of cAMP

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  1. the endocrine methodology tht uses radioactively labelled hormones and a sensitive photographic emulsion to determine the anatomical location of hormones ishow hormonal like activity


  2. pyro-glu-his-pro-NH2TRH


  3. the actions of insulin on target cells are beleivednot to be mediated by cAMP


  4. hyperaldosteronism symptomsalkalosis, excessive NA, hypertension


  5. home pregnancy test kits are designed to detectcyclooxygenase activity


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