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  1. second messenger that directly causes an increase in intracellular free calcium
  2. addition of serum from hypohysectomized animals treated with ACTH to cartilage explants would
  3. the ratio of oxygen supply to oxygen need appears to determine the level of which of the
  4. castrated male or female given testosterone during the indifferent stage of sexual development would subsequently have
  5. the release of enzymes from the exocrine pancreas occurs primarily in response to which of the following hormones
  1. a have no effect on cartilage matrix synthesis and chondrocyte mitosis
  2. b cholecystokinin
  3. c inositol triphosphate
  4. d both mulierian and wolffian duct derivatives
  5. e erythropoietin

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  1. proceeds in the absence of calcium
  2. PTH is released
  3. arginine, growth hormone, glucagon
  4. raising cGMP levels
  5. pars intermedia

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  1. the portion of the pituitary gland that is referred to as a neurohemal organpars nervosa


  2. in birds where corticosterone is the majorsteroid synthesized by adrenal steroidogenic tissueangiotensis 2, potassium, cAMP


  3. injection of insulin results in ainhibit phosphodiesterase activity


  4. protein kinase C is directly activated bytriiodothyronine in athyreotic humans


  5. glucagon secretion from the alpha cells is stimulated byarginine, epinephrine, hypoglycemia