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  1. the proliferative or estrogenic portion of the menstrual cycle is
  2. an agonist to a particular hormone would be expected to
  3. growth of new capillary vessels is induced most strongly by
  4. formation of arachidonic acid is inhibited by
  5. the beta cells of the islets of langerhands can be selectively destroyed by administering
  1. a angiogenin
  2. b show hormonal like activity
  3. c alloxan
  4. d follicular phase
  5. e cortisol

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  1. somatotropin
  2. greater at night than during the day
  3. increae in MSH
  4. beta adrenoceptors than when bound to alpha adrenoceptors
  5. in the median eminence

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  1. aldosterone synthesis is stimulated by all of the followingangiotensis 2, potassium, cAMP


  2. melanocyte stimulating hormone mediates melanosome dispersonas a transcription factor


  3. a decrease in phosphodiesterase wouldsmooth muscle relaxation


  4. portion of the pituitary gland that was derived from an inward evagination of the oral ectoderm known as rathkes pouchadenohypophysis


  5. the portion of the pituitary gland that is referred to as a neurohemal organ is themesodermal origin