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What happened in 1750?
Spanish and Portuguese Jews settle in Charleston, SC
How many Gods do the Hebrews worship?
One (Yahweh)
Describe Yahwen
There is no physical description of Yahwen
Do the Jews believe the Messiah has come?
What foods are forbidden in Judaism?
Non-kosher meat, meat from animals that do not have cloven hooves and chew cud, fish that dont have scales and fins, and particular foods. Meat cannot be eaten with milk.
Who was Moses? (What happened when he was born)
Moses was a man who led the Hebrews out of Egypt when they were enslaved. He also made a covenant with God in which he said the Hebrews would follow the Ten Commandments and God would protect them. When he was born, his mother hid him in the NIle River because the pharaoh had ordered all babies to be killed. An Egyptian princess found and raised him.
Describe the Temple.
Built by Solomon in Jerusalem. It Glorified God and held the Ark of the Covenant. It was very expensive and it required high taxes and manual labor. The Babylonians destroyed it but it was later rebuilt when King Cyrus allowed the Hebrews back into Jerusalem to rebuild it.
What is the Talmud?
A sacred writing of the Hebrews. It explains the Torah and contains the Mishna and the Gemara.
What is the Torah?
The first five books of the Bible. Christians say it is part of the Old testament. It recounts origins of humanity and Judaism and contains the basic laws.
Describe the Promised land.
It is Canaan near Palestine. God gave it to Abraham when they made the first covenant. It is between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordin river which is near the Red Sea.
Describe the first covenant.
God said he would protect the Hebrew people and give them the Promised Land if they obeyed him. (Abraham)
Describe the 2nd Covenant.
Moses made the second covenant with God on the top of Mount Sinai. He said that the Hebrews would obey the Ten Commandments and God said he would protect them.
Who was Abraham?
He was a shepherd from Ur in Mesopotamia who was considered the father of the Hebrews. God commanded him to move to Canaan in 1800 BC. He made the 1st covenant with God.
Who was Saul?
The first out of the three kings. He drove the Philistines from the central hills of Palestine and was a very jealous man.
Who was David?
Saul's son-in-law, who was very popular because he united the 12 tribes, established Jerusalem as the capital and founded a Dynasty.
Who was Solomon?
David's son who was the most powerful king. He beautified the capital and built a temple that was later destroyed by the Babylonians. His building projects raised taxes and required lots of manual labor, and made him very unpopular.
What was the Exodus?
When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt and out of slavery between 1300 and 1200 BC.
Describe the Ten Commandments.
It was part of the code of laws and regulates social and religious behavior. It was interpreted by the Prophets. It taught that you should live a moral life, quality before the law, right conduct and monotheism.
What happened between Israel and Judah, and Assyria?
Israel and Judah paid tribute to Assyria so they would not attack, but the Assyrians attacked anyway. Israel fell first, then Judah.