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What is the main function of the blood?
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What is sickle cell disease?Inherited, defected hemoglobin molecule, erythrocytes turn into sickle cell shapedHow are blood cells formed?Hematopoiesis - formed in red marrow, located within all bones, billions formed a dayWhite bone marrow?Dormant. Located in long bones of adults, only make blood cells in extreme statesTunica media?Sheets of smooth muscles contraction - vasoconstriction relaxation - vasodilationWhat are the different types of arteriesElastic Muscular ArterioleWhat controls the diameter of arterioles?Sympathetic nervous system (ANS)What is altered by muscular contraction?Lumen, affects the rate of blood moving through itLow permeable capillaries?Brain-blood barrier, vital molecules come in1What are the different types of Veins?postcapillary venules, venules, veinsWhat are the 2 mechanisms that counteract low pressure?Valvues and skeletal muscle pumpWhere does the Thoracic and abdominal aorta end?Thoracic - T12 Abdominal - L4What are the 2 common carotid arteries?External and internalWhat are the arteries of the upper limbs?Subclavin, axillary, brachial, radial and ulnerWhat are the arteries of the pelvis and lower limbs?femoral, popliteal, anterior tibial, posterior tibialVenous drainage of head and neck?Internal jugular veins, external jugular veins, and vertebral veinsMedian Cubital Vein?Obtain blood or administer IV fluidsHepatic portal system?Specialized part of vascular circuit, picks up digested nutrients, delivers nutrients to liverWhat are the four major veins in the lower leg?Great Saphanous vein, popliteal vein, small saphanous vein, posterior tibial veinWhat is DVT?Blood clot deep in vain, painful swollen red warm, superficial veins might be engorgedAortic Sinuses?Openings for left and right coronary arteriesLAD?Feeds 50% of blood to left ventricleCell LinesAll blood cells originate in bone marrow, blood stem cell, lymphoid stem cell, and myeloid stem cellFormation of Erythrocytes, platelets and lymphocytesErythrocytes - proethyroblasts lymphocytes - myloblast, monocytes platelets - megablasts