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  1. Biceps
  2. Glutes
  3. Pectorals (Pecs)
  4. Mastoids
  5. Involuntary Muscles
  1. a Muscles that you do not have direct control over.
  2. b These are a group of muscles that help you pull back your whole leg. You also sit on these muscles!
  3. c
    In the picture of the "Muscle Man Front" what is letter "J" ?
  4. d These muscles help you to pull your forearm up.
  5. e These muscles help you to chew and swallow your food.

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  1. In the picture of the "Muscle Man Back" what is letter "T" ?
  2. When one muscle of a pair __________, the other relaxes.
  3. These muscles pull your lower leg down.
  4. If you use these muscles you can sit up and stand up straight because they pull on your vertebrae.
  5. Muscles never __________ on your bones when you move.

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  1. striatedCardiac muscle is __________ like skeletal muscle.


  2. BicepsWhich group of muscles can be used to pull back your forearm to make your arm straight?


  3. Smooth Muscle CellsThese muscles contract and relax slowly.


  4. TendonsThese thick bands of tissue attach muscle to bone.


  5. Ligaments
    In the picture of the "Muscle Man Front" what is letter "I" ?