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15 terms

DNA: The Genetic Material

key terms for chapter 9
substance that is prepared from a killed or weakened disease-causing agents.
able to cause disease
change in genotype caused when cells take up foreign genetic material
virus that infects bacteria
double helix
two strands twisted around each other
subunits that make up DNA
5 carbon sugar
adenine and guanine
classified as purines
thymine and cytosine
classified as pyrimidines
base pairing rule
rule stating that cytosine pairs with guanine and adenine pairs with thymine in DNA, and that adenine pairs with uracil in RNA
complementary base pairs
characteristic of nucleic acids in which the sequence of bases on one strand is paired with the other
dna replication
process of making a copy of DNA
dna helicases
when the double helix is unwound.
replication forks
areas where the double helix separates
dna polymerases
enzyme that catalyzes the formation of the DNA molecule