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TN History Test 3rd grade FRA

TN History Test Dec 3rd FRA
The first people to settle in Tennessee.
One of the 2 main tribes in Tennessee.
One of the 2 main tribes in Tennessee.
Hernando DeSoto
The first Spanish Explorer known to have visited Tennessee.
The French explorer who explored the Mississippi valley and claimed it for France in 1682.
What Europeans traded with the Indians.
The French and Indian War
What happened because the French and the Indians were in competition with each other in the fur business.
William Bean
The first European settler in Tennessee.
The year William Bean settled in Tennessee.
North Carolina
The state that Tennessee was part of for a while.
June 1, 1796
The date that Tennessee became a state.
Tennessee became the ___________state.
Tennessee needed this many people to become a state.
The name Tennessee comes from this Indian word.
Tanasie is the name of a __________village by the Little Tennessee River.
Cherokee Indians
Who did the US government order to leave Tennessee in 1838?
Trail of Tears
What was the journey of the Cherokee Indians out of Tennessee when many of the Indians died called?
Hunters and farmers
Cherokee Indians did what 2 jobs?
Who was the Cherokee Indian chief?
Sequoya invented written _________ for the Cherokee.
How many years did it take Sequoya to finish the written language of the Cherokee?
How many letters does the Cherokee language have?
A tree
What living thing is named for Sequoya?
James Robertson and John Donelson
The 1st settlers who can to Nashville were led by who?
By land
How did James Robertson come to Nashville?
By water
How did John Donelson come to Nashville?
General Francis Nash
Who was the fort along the Cumberland River named for?
Who was the fort built to protect settlers from?
Covered Wagon
How kind of vehicle carried the settlers here?
axe lantern
Name 2 tools used by settlers.
Andrew Jackson
The 1st President of the US from Tennessee.
When did Jackson come to Tennessee?
Rachel Donelson
Who did Andrew Jackson marry?
Old Hickory
What was Andrew Jackson's nickname?
The Hermitage
What was the name of Andrew Jackson's home?
Which number president was Andrew Jackson? 3? 7? 12?
James K Polk
The 2nd President of the US from Tennessee.
Mexican War
What war did James K Polk lead American during?
Where did the Mexican War take place?
What is the most famous building from the Mexican War?
Davey Crockett
What famous pioneer from Tennessee died at the Alamo?
Volunteer State
What is Tennessee called because so many of its people volunteered to fight in the Mexican War?
What number President was James K Polk? 7th? 11th? 15th?
Andrew Johnson
Who was the 17th President of the US?
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson became President when someone died. Who?