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What is systematics? How is it used to develop phylogenetic trees?

a discipline focused on classifying organisms and determining their evolutionary relationships - use data ranging from fossils and molecules to infer

What is taxonomy?

a scientific discipline concerned with naming and classifying the diverse forms of life

What is your binomial and what does it mean?

Homo-sapiens and wiseman

What are 2 components of every binomial?

genus and species


kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species

Which are more closely related, organisms in the phylum or those in the same order?

same order


shared ancestry


convergent evolution

What is a clade?

a group of species that includes an ancestral species and it's all descendants


consists of an ancestral species and all descendents


an ancestral species and some, not all descendents


includes taxa with differnt ancestors

What are derived characters?

a character that originated in an ancestor of the taxon

Which method reveals that fingi are more closely related to animals than to green plants?

rRNA sequences

Which method reveals that the Pima of Arizona and Yanomami of Venezuela are descendents of the same N.A. that crossed the Bering Land Bridge 13,000 years ago?

mtDNA sequences

Molecular clocks

a yardstick for measuring the absolute timee of change based on observations

If we use a molecular clock, approx. when did HIV emerge?


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