Mod 14 Scatter plots


Terms in this set (...)

This is a positive correlation.
Negative Correlation
No Correlation
Positive Correlation
This is a negative correlation.
This is positive.
This correlation is positive.
This correlation is negative.
There is no correlation.
This one is positive. (35 minutes)
How much time would it take to travel 3.5 mi?
This has a positive correlation. (60 pages)
After reading 6 chapters about how many pages would you have read?
This has a negative correlation. (-7.5 degrees F)
What would be the wind chill if you had wind speeds of 60 mph?
This one is positive. ( 9 umbrellas )
After 10 rainy days about how many umbrellas would the store expect to sell ?
This would be a positive correlation. (10 ounces)
How many ounces would I be able to purchase for $ 0.80 ?
This would be a negative correlation (50 mph)
For a wind chill of -10 degree F how much wind speed would have to be produced?