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the transfer of energy through space in the form of visible light and ultra violet rays


the transfer of heat energy through collisions of the atoms or molecules of a substance


the transfer of heat energy in a liquid or gas through the motion of the liquid or gas caused by differences in density


a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules in that substance


the total kinetic energy of all of the particles of the substance


the lowest layer of the atmosphere


lies above the troposphere; colder and drier than air in the troposphere


causes the temperature to increase in the stratosphere


third layer; extends between about 50 and 90 kilometers above Earth's surface


the outermost layer of earth's atmosphere


The lower part of the thermosphere, where electrically charged particles called ions are found.


lines that connect points that have the same temperature

Air Pollutant

any airborne gas or particle that occurs at a concentration capable of harming humans or the natural envitorment

Temperature Inversion

when the air at Earth's surface is colder than the air above, so convection does not occur

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