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Milady's Standard Cosmetology: Chapter 21 Haircolor

The layer of the hair that provides strength and elasticity is the:
In individual hair strands, hair texture is determined by the:
high porosity
If the cuticle is lifted, allowing the hair to take color quickly, the hair is said to have:
0 to 14
Haircolor levels are arranged on a scale from:
warm, neutral, or cool
Hair color tones can be described as:
natural tones
Colors that are described as sandy or tan are considered:
Which color will help minimize orange tones in the hair?
primary colors
Pure fundamental colors that cannot be achieved from a mixture are:
The strongest and only cool primary color is:
Red added to blue-based colors will cause them to appear:
A ____________ color is achieved by mixing a secondary color and its neighboring primary color.
Equal proportions of primary colors will produce:
demipermanent haircolor
Which type of haircolor penetrates the hair shaft and is formulated to deposit but not lift color?
10 stages
During the decolorization process, the natural hair can go through as many as:
line of demarcation
Overlapping color can cause breakage and create a sign of roots or:
oil, powder, and cream
The three forms of hair lighteners are:
The term _____ , or hue, refers to the balance of color.
Which of these measures the concentration and strength of hydrogen peroxide?
color filler
A _____ _____ is used to equalize porosity and deposit color in one application to provide a uniform contributing pigment on prelightened hair.
law of color
The system for understanding color relationsips is called:
virgin application
The term _____ _________ refers to the first time the hair is colored.
patch test
A _____ ____ is a test performs to determine how the hair will react to the color formula and how long the formula should be left on the hair.
20 volume
What is the standard hydrogen peroxide volume?
a legally-binding contract
A release statement is NOT: