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How do we know a nucleotide is a sugar?

What question does this answer?: it's a ring of C and water and O attached to it, it's a pentagon, it ends in -ose, has the tight ratio

one ring and two rings

What is a structural difference between the 4 base molecules? (rings?)


In a nucleotide, the base is connected to carbon #______?


In a nucleotide, carbon #______ determines whether it is DNA or RNA.


In a nucleotide, the prosphorous group connects carbon #_______.


the building blocks of nucleic acid


a nitrogen rich molecule

Adenine and Guanine

Name the 2 purines (spell out)

Cytosine, Uracil, and Thymine

Name the 3 pyrimidines (spell out)


How many rings do purines have?


How many rings do pyrimidines have?

double stranded, double helix

Watson and Crick model states that DNA's structure is a ____________ ______________.

Watson and Crick

Who figured this out?: #Phosphate=#Sugar=#Bases

other biological molecules are also polymers

Watson and Crick had a high certainty that DNA was a polymer since...?

Watson and Crick

Who figured this out?: #A-#T and #G=#C


The only way for #A-#T and #G=#C to be true is if there are two s___________.


Due to hydrogen bonding, the DNA double strand has an a_______________ structure.

twisted, double helix

To fit DNA in a small nuclear package, it must be t____________. Since there are two sides, each side is spiraled, to make a d_______ h________

pairing stability

if you know the sequene of bases on one side of the DNA strand, you automatically know the other side (complementary)

sequence variety

b/c you never know which base could come next, this makes an infinite variety of traits in an infinite variety of traits


the sugar of DNA


the Sugar of RNA


the bases of DNA


the bases of RNA

ds dh, antiparallel

the structure of DNA (abreviate)

single stranded

the structure of RNA


location of DNA

all over the cell

location of RNA

hereditaty material

function of DNA

protein synthesis

function of RNA


the process of making a copy of the DNA

(Fred) Griffith

NAME THE SCIENTIST: trying to find a vaccine against pneumococcus bacteria


NAME THE SCIENTIST: seperated Type S into protiens and nucleic acid to determine why the live R had changes into live S

Hershey and Chase

NAME THE SCIENTISTS: working with bacteriophage, added radioactive sulfur and phosphorous to the culture of the growing virus


protien contains s_________ atoms in some of the R chains, but never contains phosphorous!


Nucleic acid contains p____________, but NEVER contains sulfur.


In protien synthesis, the start codon is ____

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