22 terms

Methods of Science

tool used to measure small lengths
metric ruler
tool used to measure longer lengths
meter stick
1km is equal to how many meters?
1m is equal to how many centimeters?
1cm is equal to how many millimeters?
tool used to measure the volume of a cube
metric ruler
formula used to calculate the volume of a cube
length x width x height
label for the volume of a cube measured in centimeters
tool used to measure liquid volume
graduated cylinder
label used when measuring with a graduated cylinder
ml or mL
mL or ml is an abbreviation for what?
the curved surface of water in a glass container
what part of the meniscus do you look at to find volume?
bottom of the meniscus
method used to find volume of irregularly shaped object
water displacement
label for irregularly shaped objects measured with water displacement
ml or mL
tool used to measure mass
electronic balance
label used when measuring mass
what does "g" stand for when measuring mass?
Round .538m to the hundredth
Round 4.397m to the hundredth
Name 2 things to keep in mind when using the electronic balance.
measure in g and be sure it is zeroed out
List the 6 main steps of the inquiry process in order.
question, hypothesis, test, analyze, conclude, communicate