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All stoichiometric calculations begin with a balanced chemical equation.


Which of the following are needed to perform stoichiometric calculations? (Click all that apply)

a balanced chemical equation
mole ratios
mass to mole conversions

How many moles of sodium hydroxide are produced when 1.00 mol sodium peroxide reacts with water?

2 mol NaOH

How many moles of sodium peroxide are needed to produce 1.00 mol sodium hydroxide?

500 mol Na2O2

ow many moles of water are required to produce 2.15 mol oxygen gas in this reaction?

4.30 mol H2O

How many moles of water are needed to for 0.100 mol of sodium peroxide to react completely in this reaction?

.100 mol H2O

How many moles of oxygen are produced if the reaction produces 0.600 mol sodium hydroxide?

.150 mol O2

Hydrogen reacts with excess nitrogen as follows: (N2 + 3H2 --> 2NH3) If 2.70 g of H2 reacts, how many grams of NH3 is formed?

15.2 g NH3

The study of the quantitative relationships between the amounts of reactants used and the amounts of products formed by a chemical reaction is called stoichiometry.


Stoichiometry is based on the law of conservation of mass.


In any chemical reaction, the mass of the products is less than the mass of the reactants.


The coefficients in a chemical equation represent not only the number of individual particles but also the number of moles of particles.


The mass of each reactant and product is related to its coefficient in the balanced chemical equation for the reaction by its molar mass.


How many molecules of methanol are in the equation above?


How many molecules of oxygen gas are in the equation above?


How many molecules of carbon dioxide are in the equation above?


How many molecules of water are in the equation above?


What is the mole ratio of methanol: oxygen gas: carbon dioxide: water in the equation above?

2: 3: 2: 4

What is the molar mass of methanol?

32.05 g/mol

What is the molar mass of oxygen gas?

32.00 g/mol

What is the molar mass of carbon dioxide?

44.01 g/mo

What is the molar mass of water?

18.02 g/mo

What is the total mass of the reactants?

160.10 g

What is the total mass of the products?

160.10 g

A ______ ______ is a ratio between the numbers of moles of any two substances in a balanced chemical equation.

Mole Ratio

How many different mole ratios are there for the above reaction?


What is the mole ratio relating sodium to iron?

6 mol Na/2 mol Fe

What is the mole ration relating iron to sodium?

2 mol Fe/6 mol Na

How many mole ratios can you write for a chemical reaction that has five substances?


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