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Anything that occupies space and has mass


What are the 3 states of matter ?

Solid, Liquid and gas

A change in state of matter

Physical property

What is the 3 states of H2O ( water )

water, ice, vapor (steam)

What does the Law ( conservation of matter ) state ?

Matter can't be created or destroyed

What is mass ?

Quantity of matter/atoms an object has

What is weight ?

The force of gravity on an object

What are elements ?

Pure substances that cannot be broken down into simpler kinds of matter

How many elements are there ?

Over 100 elements

How many elements are important to living things ?

Approximately 20 elements

What 4 elements make up 90% of the mass of living things ?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen

What is the simplest particle of an element that retains all the properties of that element ?


What is the central core of an atom which is made up of protons and neutron ?


What is a positively electrically charged particle called ?


What is a particle with no charge called ?


What is the name for the number of protons in an atom ?

Atomic number

What is a negatively electrically charged particle called ?


The number of PROTONS is equal to the number of ____________ in an atom ?


Where do electrons exist ?

In energy levels, orbitals or shells

What is the Magic # ( when we are talking about electrons ) ?

"8" 2 in first orbital, 8 in the second orbital, 8 in the 3rd orbital

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