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Which statement about biodiversity is true?

Biodiversity can be measured at different levels including genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity.

Which of the following levels of taxonomic hierarchy indicates two organisms that are closely related?


Which of the following can increase species richness globally?


Which of the following is a true statement regarding species richness (the number of species)?

Species richness typically increases as one moves towards the equator.

Paleontologists and ecologists agree that ________.

99% of all species that have ever existed are now extinct

At the end of the _______ period, close to 90% of all species are thought to have gone extinct


If a conservation biologist wanted to try to stop the largest cause of species extinction, what should that biologist focus on?

habitat alteration

The WWF and the UNEP worked together to make a major contribution to address biodiversity loss. What was it?

These two organization came together to produce the Living Planet Index that summarizes trends in populations.

The species most often vulnerable to human impact is the ________.

top predator

Bullfrog tadpoles are often sold as fish bait, even in areas where they do not occur naturally. When people buy 10 of them and don't use them all, they often dump the remainder into the lake or river. This is an example of ________.

introduced species

The causes of the current (sixth) mass extinction include all of these, but not ________.

earthquakes, tsunamis and forest fires

We get 90% of our food from _______ crops and _______ livestock species.

15; 8

Pharmaceuticals produced using compounds synthesized from wild species of plants produce up to $150 billion in sales and save many lives each year. This is an example of _______.

ecosystem services

In his recent (2005) book, Richard Louv maintains that today's children ________.

suffer psychologically and emotionally from "nature deficit syndrome"

Conservation biology is different from other fields of science discussed in the book because _______.

it is an applied and goal-oriented science, with implicit values and ethical standards

The Endangered Species Act is often a center of controversy because _______.

landowners are concerned that federal officials will restrict the use of private land if threatened or endangered species are found on it

In captive breeding programs, organisms are bred with the intent to _______.

release them to native habitat

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) tries to prevent the extinction of species by _______.

asking countries to stop the importation of organisms or parts of organisms, like tiger bones, if they are endangered species

How is forensic science being used to help protect species?

Forensic science is being used by conservation biologists to determine if animals have been harvested illegally.

What are the goals of community-based conservation programs?

In community-based conservation, local people are involved with protecting the habitat, but still allowing them to gain benefit from its resources.

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