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What service does a WDS client computer use to locate a WDS server?


What program can you use to remove the machine specific settings from a Windows computer prior to creating an image file?


Which configuration pass runs only when you execute the sysprep/ generalize command?


What program do you use to create a Windows PE disk image?


During which configuration pass should an answer file for a Windows Server 2008 installation create the system disk partition?


Which editions of Windows Server 2008 can support up to 64 processors?

Datacenter (x86) and Itanium

What does MAP stand for?

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelorator

Which of the following message type is not used during a successful DHCP address assignmet?


Which of the following is not one of the techniques you can use to provide fault tolerance for DHCP servers?

A. splitting scopes
B. using stand-by servers
C. DHCP servers using identical scopes
D. failover clustering

Which of the following DHCP infrastructure designs requires the largest number of DHCP server implementations?

A. hybrid
B. centralized
C. dynamic
D. distributed

Which of the following is not one of the elements of the DNS?

A. resolvers
B. relay agents
C. name servers
D. name space

What is the maximum length for a fully qualified domain name, including the trailing period?


What would be the correct FQDN for a resource record in a reverse lookup zone, if a computer's IP address is

Which of the following are types of zone transfers supported by the DNS server in Windows Server 2008?

A. network zone transfers
B. full zone transfers
C. incremental zone transfers
D. partial zone transfers

In the FQDN, which part is the second-level domain?


Which of the following network components are typically capable of functioning as DHCP relay agents?

A. Windows Vista computers
B. routers
C. switches
D. Windows Server 2008 computers

Which of the following types of DHCP address allocation is the equivalent of a reservation in Windows Server 2008?

A. dynamic allocation
B. automatic allocation
C. manual allocation
D. hybrid allocation

To which type of server do client computers on the network send their DNS queries?

DNS servers

What must at least one DNS server support when running Active Directory on your network?

SRV resource records

What process is used when it is necessary for a computer to convert an IP address into a DNS name?

reverse name resolution

The DNS server receiving a name resolution request can take full responsibility for resolving the name by using what type of query?


What is the full DNS name for a particular computer called?


Which ID will identify all or part of a specific physical link on the subscriber's network, which will enable subscribers to create as many subnets as needed?

Subnet ID

Which ID will identify the ISP that assigns a portion of the address space to a certain subscriber?

Provider ID

Which method is most frequently used for providing fault tolerance to DHCP servers?

splitting scopes

The DHCP relay agent capability is built into which role in Windows Server 2008?

Network Policy and Access Sevices

By default, the DHCP Server service in Windows Server 2008 uses dynamic allocation, leasing IP addresses to clients for how many days?

6 days

Each individual domain name can be no more that how many characters?


Which of the following is NOT an element of DNS?

A. Resolvers
B. Name Servers
C. DNS Namespace
D. resource record

Which of the following is NOT a top level domain?

A. com
B. net
C. int
D. biz *

Active Directory was first introduced in which operating system?

Windows 2000 Server

Where do users log in when joining an Active Directory?


What are the two basic objects in an active directory domain?

leaf and container

What are the 2 types of groups in Active Directory?

security and distribution

Which group is used most often when designing an Active directory infrastructure?


Which group is used for nonsecurity-related functions, such as sending email messages to a collection of users?


What type of compatibility are functional levels designed to provide in Active Directory installations running domain controllers with various versions of the Windows Server operating system?


What is the name of the communications protocol called for by the original X.500 standard?

Directory Access Protocol

A site topology consists of 3 Active Directory object types: ______, _____ and _____.

Sites, subnets, site links

To use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a domain controller, you must configure it to use a(n) ____.

static IP address

Every Active Directory domain should have a minimum of ____ domain controllers.


What Active Directory element provides a true security boundary?


What is the primary difference between global and universal groups?

Universal groups add more data to the global catalog

Which application role provides an integrated environment for deploying and running server-based business applications?


Which built-in role enables Windows Server 2008 to host virtual machines?


What is the process of deploying and maintaining multiple instances of an operating system?


Which role services are included in UDDI Services role?

UDDI Services Database and UDDI Services Web Application

When creating a GPO software installation, which option causes the client computer to automatically install the application the next time the user logs on?


Which product is designed for large enterprises and can be used to deploy applications as well as perform a wide variety of other network management tasks?

Micorsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

Essesntials 2007 is limited to how many servers?


What is one way to simplify the process of deploying applications on a large number of computers?

Terminal Services

_____ is a networking protocol that enables communictaion between the terninal server and the client.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

In Windows Server 2008, which Session ID is always dedicated to the system services running on the computer, which isolates them from applications for security reasons?


RDP can support up to how many seperate channels?


In addition to the server's base memory requirements, how many megabytes of memory are required when running Terminal Services on a client machine?


Terminal Services has 2 operational modes. Which is the default mode?


After you install the Terminal Services role, you can install the applications that the terminal server will deploy to your clients. What command do you key in first?

change user /install

What are 3 resources that a well-designed sharing strategy have available to the user?

private storage space
public storage space
access to shared space

Which permissions do administrators typically use to assign storage space as well as modify permissions on a Windows Server 2008 file server?


To whom should you always assign security permissions?


What console can be used to create multiple shares and exercise more granular over their properties?

Share and Storage management

The most common use of a file screen is to _____.

prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the server

A replication group can have up to ____ members.


Each server can be a member of up to ____ replication groups.


To send email messages, what service does a Windows Server 2008 computer need to be running?


Which Print Services role enables UNIX clients running LPR program to send their print jobs to Windows printers?

LPD Service

____ is the only role service that is required when you add the Print Services role.

Print Server

You must also install ____ and the ____ when installing the Internet Printing role service.

Web Server (IIS) role and Windows Process Activation Service feature

You must add the ____ role to use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a fax server.

Fax Server

What is the maximum dynamic volume size for a RAID-5 volume in Windows Server 2008?

64 terabytes

What is the maximum dynamic volume size for simple and mirrored volumes in Windows Server 2008?

2 terabytes

What is the maximum NTFS file size in Windows Server 2008?

16 terabytes minus 64 kb

What is the maximum NTFS volume size in Windows Server 2008?

2/32 clusters minus 1 cluster

By default, the paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is ____ times the amount of memory installed in the computer.


Shadow copies can utilize up to ___ percent of a volume by default?


The new serial ATA (SATA) standard increases the maximum transmission speed to ____ MB/sec.


SCSI offers transmision rates up to _____ MB/sec.


Which fault tolerance solution uses duplicate host adapters as well as duplicate hard drives?

disk duplexing

The GPT disk partitioning style supports volumes up to ____ exabytes.


What is the preferred file system for a server?


Which command prompt utility can be used to perform disk management tasks?


In what type of configuration does the computer write the same data to identical volumes on two different disks?

disk mirroring

For applications that use large data files, such as databases and email store, which access is preferable?

block I/O

In what type of communication can servers access storage devices over the SAN as if they are connected directly to the computer?

server to storage

What is the maximum transmission speed for fibre optic?

10 Gbps

Which protocol layer defines the basic transport mechanism of a Fibre Channel network, including the frame format and three service classes?


What is the hardware or software device running on a computer that accesses the storage devices on the SAN?

iSCSI initiator

To use Shadow Copies effectively, where must users store their files?


What feature can be used to automate the Shadow Copy process?

File redirection

Regardless of how much space you allocate to the storage area. Windows Server 2008 supports a maximum of ____ show copies for each volume.


To protect workstation applications and ensure their continued availability, what feature should be used to run them?

Terminal Services

Which component in Windows Server 2008 enables the system to install software packaged as files with an .msi extension?

Windows Installer 4.0

What is the term for the ability of entire servers to be redundant so that if anything goes wrong with one computer, another one can take its place almost immediately?


Which version of Windows Server 2008 must computers be running to create a failover cluster?


What holds the failover cluster configuration database?

witness disk

A maximum of ____ nodes can be added to a cluster if computers are running on the x86 or IA64 platform.


How many consecutive heartbeats must fail before convergence occurs?


Which role service maintains a database of client sessions and enables a disconnected client reconnect to the same terminal server?

Session Broker

Clients connecting to a terminal server farm must run the minimum version of Remote Desktop Connection, which is ____.


Which technique creates multiple records using the same name, with a different server IP adress in each record?

DNS Round Robin

Besides application data, what is stored on a failover cluster's shared storage?

witness disk

Which RAID level provides the largest percentage of usable disk space?


What is the most commonly used high-availability solution for data storage, primarily because it is far more scalable that disk mirroring and enables you to realize more storage space from your hard disks?

parity-based RAID

Which mechanism allows users to work with copires of files that remain accessible whether the workstation can access the server or not?

Offline Files

In which operation system is the Previous Versions Client not available by default?

Windows XP SP1

What term refers to automatic identification of individuals bsed on physiological characteristics?


What is the most popular biometric technology in use today?

fingerprint matching

What process circumvents security barriers by persuading authorized users to provide passwords or other sensitive information?

social engineering

What is essentially a series of filters that examin the contents of packets and traffic patterns to and from the network to determine which packets they should allow to pass through the filter?


Which of the following is not an important criterion that firewalls can use in their rules?

A. DNS name *
B. IP addresses
C. protocol numbers
d. port numbers

Which of the following is not a port that Windows uses for network browsing?

A. 5355
B. 8080 *
C. 137
D. 138

Which network file is not supported by Windows Server 2008?

A. domain
B. server *
C. public
D. private

Which of the following is the only technology included in Windows Server 2008 that can protect data while it is in transit?

B. bitlocker
C. IPSec *
D. Windows Firewall

Which of the following is not an operation mode in BitLocker?

A. transport operation mode
B. user authentication mode
C. volume encryption mode *
D. USB key mode

For encryption on a data network to be both possible and practical, what form of encryption do computers typically use?

public key

What type of list does SAM enable computers to maintain?

local users and groups that function as a decentralized authentication system

What is the default maximum password age?

42 days

What is known as the cryptographic key that is used in exchanges between the security principal and the KDC?

long-term key

In the Kerboros Policy Setting, what is the default value for Maximum Lifetime for User Ticket?

10 hours

An ACL is a collection of individual permissions presented in what form?

access control entries

Effective permissions for a given resource can be assigned in various ways. Which is not a way?

A. application controlled *
B. group membership
C. explicitly assigned
D. inherited

What biometric authentication mechanism is suitable for verification but not identification?

hand geometry

Which of the following types of connections is established between two computers involved in the tunneling process?

B. PPP *

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is supported only on clients running _____.

Windows Vista SP1

What type of attack is used to find an organization's dial up ports?

war dialer

What is the strongest authentication protocol supported by Windows Server 2008?

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

What protocol method enables a server to support authentication with smart cards or other types of digital certificates


What allows designated recovery agents to create public keys that can decode encrypted information?


What term specifies the functions for which a digital certificate can be used?

enhanced key usage

What specifies a value assigned by the CA that uniquely identifies the certificate?

serial number

What contains a digest of the certificate data used for digital signing?


Which of the following is not a factor that administrators should consider when choosing the length for a certificates lifetime?

A. provider of the certificate *
B. standard industry practice
C. government regulations
D. type of certificate

In Windows Server 2008, a root CA's self-generated certificate defaults to a validity period of ____.

5 years

Which of the following is not a role that can be selected when you install Active Directory Certificate Services on a Windows Server 2008 computer?

A. subordinate
B. enterprise
C. standalone
D. intermediate

Which of the following is not a required permission that must be granted to the same user or group for the autoenrollment certificate template permission of function correctly?

A. Allow Autoenrollment
B. Allow Enroll
C. Allow Read
D. Allow Write *

What Windows Server 2008 Certificate template allows user authentication, EFS encryption, secure mail and certificate trust list signing?


Smartcard user is a version ___ certificate template.


Which of the following is not a reason code for revoking a certificate?

A. key compromise
B. CA compromise
C. certificate compromise *
D. superseded

Which window presents a consolidated view of the post-installation task that, in previous Windows Server versions, you had to perform using various interfaces presented during and after the OS setup process?

Initial Configuration Tasks

From what area must you run the Services for Network File System snap-in?

Administrative Tools

The Events page in Server Manager Events displays a subset of the computer's System log containing all events related to the role for ____ hours.


In an MMC snap-in, which pane contains a hierachical list of the sbap-ins installed in the console and any subheadings that the snap-ins provide?

scope pane

In an MMC snap-in, which pane contains links to the tasks most commonly associated with the content appearing in the detail pane?

actions pane

What MMC console contains a collection of snap-ins that is most commonly used by Windows Server 2008 administrators?

Server manager

At a minimum, the Remote Desktop condition server must be running the _____ operating system to use Network Level Authentication.

Windows Server 2008

What Windows key combination is equivalent to the Terminal Services key combination ALT+PAGE DOWN and is used to switch to the next program to the left in the task list?


What Terminal Services key combination toggles the client session between a full screen and a window?


Individual permissions exist for each of ____ object types in default Active Directory installation?


A single WSUS server can support as many as ____ clients.


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