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Arkansas Driver License Written Test Study Guide

What is the hand signal for a left hand turn?
Arm pointed straight
What is the hand signal for a right hand turn?
Arm bent pointing up
What is the hand signal for to STOP?
Arm bent pointing down
What does an eight-sided red sign mean?
You must come to a full stop
A "diamond" shape sign is used for what?
To warn of existing or possible hazards on the road
How should you drive safely through a work zone?
a. Remember to be prepared for the unexpected when traveling through work zones
b. If there are no reduced speed limits posted, drivers should obey the normal posted speed limit
What should you do when approaching railroad tracks?
a. Do not assume that a train is not coming even if you have never seen one at a particular crossing before
b. Look up and down the track to make sure a train is not approaching
What does a flashing red light indicate?
a. It means the same thing as a stop sign
b. Proceed only when it is safe
c. A driver must come to a complete stop
What is the correct action when faced with a flashing yellow light?
Proceed with caution
What does a steady yellow light indicate?
a. You must stop if you can do so without blocking the intersection
b. The traffic signal is about to change
What do traffic signs indicate?
a. Where services are located
b. Travel Locations
c. Location
d. Hazards
e. Traffic rules
What do edge and lane lines indicate?
a. Lines separating lanes of traffic moving in the same direction are white
b. Solid lines along the side of the road indicate for the driver where the edge of the road is located
c. Lines moving in opposite directions are yellow
What do white lane markings indicate?
a. A solid white line between lanes of traffic means that a driver should stay within the lane unless a special situation requires the driver to change lanes
b. A dashed white line between lanes of traffic indicates a driver may cross the line to change lanes if safe to do so
What are crosswalks and stop lines?
a. A driver must yield to pedestrians in or are about to enter a crosswalk
b. A driver must stop before the vehicle reaches the stop line, or if there is one, a crosswalk
When can you turn from a one-way street onto another one-way street?
Unless a traffic sign is posted prohibiting it, a driver may turn left from a one-way street onto another one-way street