Freedom of speech, religion, press, and to assemble
1st Amendment
Right to bear arms
2nd Amendment
Prohibits quartering of soldiers
3rd Amendment
Prohibits unlawful search and seizures
4th Amendment
Protects against self-incrimination/double-jeopardy
5th Amendment
Guarantees trial by jury and lawyer in criminal cases
6th Amendment
Guarantees trial by jury in civil cases
7th Amendment
Protects against excessive bail and cruel/unusual punishment
8th Amendment
Protects people's rights not specifically written in Constitution
9th Amendment
Protects states' rights not specifically written in Constitution
10 Amendment
Suing the states
11th Amendment
Revised Pres. election process
12th Amendment
Prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude
13th Amendment
Defines citizenship, prevents states interfering w/ people's rights
14th Amendment
African Americans right to vote
15th Amendment
Federal Income taxes
16th Amendment
Senators elected by people
17th Amendment
Prohibits alcohol
18th Amendment
women right to vote
19th Amendment
change date President takes office
20th Amendment
repealed 18th Amendment
21st Amendment
2-term limit for each President
22nd Amendment
District of Colombia representation in Electoral College
23rd Amendment
abolish poll taxes
24th Amendment
Presidential succession line
25th Amendment
18-year old right to vote
26th Amendment
Congress salary can't be changed while in session
27th Amendment