23 terms

Foods and Nutrition Unit 7

a la carte
food offered with a separate price for each food item on the menu
a la mode
topped with ice cream
light food or beverage that begins a meal and is designed to stimulate the appetite
au jus
serving food with the pan drippings from which the fat has been skimmed
glasses of many shapes and sizes used for a variety of purposes
blue plate service
a type of meal service in which the plates are filled in the kitchen, carried to the dining room, and served
buffet service
style of meal service in which a large table or buffet holds a variety of food items, the serving dishes and utensils, dinnerware, flatware, and napkins and from which guests serve themselves
compromise service
a combination of English and formal service. The main course of the meal is served at the table by the host and the remainder of the meal is served in individual portions from the kitchen.
the arrangement of the tableware that each diner will need for a meal; also called a place setting
plates, cups, saucers, and bowls
dutch treat
an arrangement of paying in which each person pays his own way
English service
a style of meal service in which the plates are served by the host and/or hostess and passed around the table until each guest has been served
the main course of a meal
manners established by society
family service
a service style that allows diners to join others in a setting where large dishes of food are placed on a table for self-service
formal service
when you are served with porcelain or fine china
money charged or left as a tip for service
tableware, such as bowls, tureens, and pitchers, used to serve food and liquids
open stock
tableware that can be purchased as individual pieces
an arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table, or with a hotel to hold a room, for a guest on a given date at a given time
glassware with three distinct parts: a bowl, a stem, and a base
table appointments
all the items needed at the table to serve and eat a meal
table linens
tablecloths, placemats, and napkins